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Whether you're an beginner or experienced dancer, AACC 's School of Continuing and Professional Studies has a noncredit dance course for you. Learn social dances like the Fox Trot, Waltz, Swing and Club Style Salsa;  or individualized dances like Line Dancing, Hip Hop or Belly Dancing

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Upcoming Noncredit Dance Classes! 

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DNC 312 - Line Dancing
Learn the circle, contra, partner and other line dances to the beat of country and blues music.

DNC 305 - Basic Social Dance
Learn to dance to different social dance rhythms including the foxtrot, tango, salsa and swing.

DNC 311 - Embody Barre
Combine ballet bar core exercises with ballet and modern dance moves for body shaping results. Increase flexibility, strengthen your core and improve posture.

DNC 310 - Hip Hop
Learn the funky style of street dancing to popular music. Master a variety of steps. All levels welcome.
    NOTE: Wear loose, comfortable clothing. 

DNC 319 - Bollywood  
Learn the dance style popularized in movies from northern India. Practice Indian classical and folk dances fused with contemporary elements of jazz, hip-hop, Arabic and Latin dance.

DNC 320 - Modern Belly Dance
Learn proper technique and combinations of belly dance while enjoying fitness benefits. Practice essential moves such as undulations, travel steps, shimmies and body isolations.

DNC 314 - Argentine Tango
Combine basic steps with the rhythm of the music to dance the emotional style of the Argentine Tango.

DNC 307 - Swing Dance
Learn the basic footwork, patterns and repertoire of swing as well as lead and follow techniques. Dance to all tempos of swing, rhythm and blues, and early rock 'n' roll music from the '50s, '60s, and '70s.

DNC 315 - Social Dance Workshop
Learn and practice the smooth movements of the foxtrot, tango, salsa and swing

DNC 316 - Swing Dance Workshop
Learn and practice the basic steps as well as tricks of East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and the Lindy Hop.

DNC 318 - Basic Dances for Wedding Receptions
Dance with confidence at weddings and other formal events. Learn the foxtrot and cha-cha. Instructor welcomes entire wedding parties as well as individuals and fathers of the bride.

DAN 300 - Beginning Ballet 1 CREDIT/NONCREDIT  
Introduces the fundamentals of classical ballet. Emphasizes alignment, turn-out, barre work, footwork and exposure to basic movement vocabulary.

DAN 350 - Beginning Ballet 2 CREDIT/NONCREDIT  
Continues the study of fundamentals of classical ballet with an emphasis on alignment, centering and coordination of ballet movements.

DAN 338 - Intermediate Ballet 1 CREDIT/NONCREDIT  
Further study of classical ballet with emphasis on execution of movement and more complex work and combinations.

DAN 304 - Beginning Jazz Dance 1 CREDIT/NONCREDIT  
Introduces jazz dance and movement combinations. Develops a personal awareness of the body and its parts can move separately and as a whole to create  a form of artistic expression.

DAN 387 - Beginning Tap Dance 1 CREDIT/NONCREDIT  
A beginning study of the technical fundamentals of tap dance. This course will include learning basic single and double sounds and various combinations at the barre and at centre. Positions of the body, use of port de bras, movement through space and learning short combinations will also be explored.

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