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Economics Course Offerings

Our courses are categorized by gateway, survey, and traditional theory courses. 
Below you can find a description of our current course offerings.

  • Gateway Courses: Courses that cultivate life skills and a better understanding of the society and world in which we live. Light in technical methodology. For many, a first exposure to economics as a field of study. Designed to cultivate an appreciation of the relevance of economic matters and perhaps an interest in further learning.  

ECO-113: Consumer Economics and Personal Finance
(satisfies GE); (avail:trad & OL) Spring 2017

ECO-115: Fundamentals of Money and Banking; (avail:trad) Not currently offered.

ECO-116: Inside the Global Economy
(satisfies GE & D); (avail:trad & OL) Spring 2017

ECO-125: Economic Issues and Public Policy
(satisfies GE & D); (avail:trad & OL)  Not currently offered.

  • Survey course for non-majors: A course that gives an overview of the scope of economics as it traditionally is studied. Same scope, less depth, less technical than ECO 211 & ECO 212, described below.

ECO-121: Introduction to Economics
(satisfies GE); (avail:trad & hybrid) Spring 2017

  • Traditional two-semester principles of economics sequence: Courses that give an in-depth overview of the study of economics and a moderately rigorous introduction to the technical constructs of the subject. Prepares students for further study of economics and for courses that draw heavily or moderately on a previous knowledge of economics.

ECO-211: Principles of Economics 1 (Macroeconomics) 
(satisfies GE); (avail:trad, hybrid & OL) Spring 2017

ECO-212: Principles of Economics 2 (Microeconomics)
(satisfies GE); (avail:trad, hybrid & OL) Spring 2017

Important Note: We recommend that ECO 211 be taken before ECO 212. ECO 211 is not a prerequisite for ECO 212. Students may take ECO 212 before or concurrently with ECO 211.

  • Cross-listed with Business Administration, this is an introductory course in statistical analysis that is critical to a degree in economics.

    ECO/BPA 232: Business Statistics (avail:trad & OL) Spring 2017

GE – General Education           D – Diversity                trad – Traditional