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A good skill to have? We think so. All of the CAD instructors at AACC have years of CAD design experience and many are also contracting engineers on the side. As well as learning drafting and industry-wide programs such as AutoCAD, we try to incorporate as much industry experience into the classroom. Even in this uncertain economic time, many engineering and manufacturing firms are hiring CAD drafters. For example, in this area a rookie drafter with a certificate can make around $15 an hour. After some years and experience, a CAD manager or lead drafter can make over $40 an hour. CAD drafting is a useful, practical skill that is used in many different industries. This is not like many other college courses; all knowledge learned at AACC can be applied in industry. We are also aware that obtaining your first job after college is often the most difficult so we get students to build up a decent portfolio of drawings to display in the first interview.  

Where is it used? What type of job? The CAD syllabus at AACC is set to be as broad as possible. The CAD learning content covers a little in each discipline: Mechanical, Architectural, Civil, Industrial, Electronics, etc. This causes the student to have experience in each different area and results in a more well-rounded drafter. Drafting is used in a wide variety of business, industrial, professional and governmental activities, including the following: Industrial Technology, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Automotive Services, Machine Shop-Welding, Marine Technology, Electronics, Mechanical-Electrical Systems, Environmental Studies, Geology-Geography Surveying, and Technical Illustration.