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 Learn more about English and Communication courses offered at AACC.

Basic English 1 and 2 (ENG-001 & 002) or Accelerated Basic English (ENG-003). These courses prepare you for credit English and other college courses. One or more of these courses may be required as determined by placement testing.

Composition and Introduction to Literature 1 & 2 (ENG-111 & 112)
Composition and Introduction to Literature 1 and 2 for Non-Native Speakers (ENG-115 & 116)

These courses satisfy your freshman writing requirement; eligibility is determined by SAT, ACT, or College placement test scores.

Introduction to Creative Writing (ENG-200)
Creative Writing: Beginning Fiction Workshop (ENG-201)
Creative Writing: Beginning Poetry Workshop (ENG-202)
Creative Writing: Writing for the Stage and Screen Workshop (ENG-203)
Creative Writing: Beginning Creative Nonfiction Workshop (ENG-204)
Creative Writing: Portfolio Development (ENG-205)
Writing for Professionals (ENG-207)
Fundamentals of Editing (ENG-208)
Creative Writing: Literary Publishing Practicum - Working on Amaranth (ENG-275-277)

Early American Literature: Colonial to 1865 (ENG-215)
American Literature 1864-1945: Realism to Modernism (ENG-216)
Contemporary American Literature: 1945-Present (ENG-217)
The American Novel (ENG-222)
British Literature 1 and 2 (ENG-213 and 214)
The British Novel (ENG-223)
World Literature 1 and 2 (ENG-211 and 212)
The Bible as Literature (ENG-220)
Introduction to Shakespeare (ENG-221)
Modern Poetry (ENG-220)
Modern American Poetry (ENG-224)
Literary Nonfiction (ENG-227)
African American Literature (ENG-225)
Ethnic American Literature (ENG-226)
Literature in English by Women (ENG-228)
Modern Drama (ENG-235)
Literature of the Chesapeake Bay (ENG-250)
Travels in Literature (ENG-260-269)
Special Topics in English (ENG-280-299)
All sophomore literature courses meet the College's General Education requirement.

Fundamentals of Oral Communications (COM-111)
Oral Interpretation (COM-131)
Small Group Discussion (COM-141)
Interpersonal Communications (COM-110)
Intercultural Communications (COM-200)

Introduction to Journalism (COM-101)
Journalism Practicum (COM-277)
Writing for the News Media (COM-102)

What Kind of Instruction Can I Expect?

You can expect to be taught in small classes (no larger than 21 in writing courses). You will receive individual attention from your professor and have ample opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and seek additional help if needed.

Instructors employ a range of the best teaching methods, including close analysis and interpretation of literary texts, small-group discussions, collaborative projects, research activities, and computer-assisted writing,  just to name a few.

In addition, the English and Communications Department now offers online instruction in Composition and Introduction to Literature 1 and 2 (ENG-111 and 112), Composition and Literature (ENG-121), Fundamentals of Oral Communication (COM-111), Early American Literature: Colonial to 1865 (ENG-215), Contemporary American Literature: 1945-Present (ENG-217), Writing for Professionals (ENG-207), Creative Writing (ENG 200), and Introduction to Shakespeare (ENG-221). For more information on these courses, see the college's Learning Online Web Site.

What Kind of Support Will I Get?

To help you succeed, our Department also offers:

Two state-of-technology computerized writing classrooms. Sections of ENG-001, ENG-002, ENG-111, ENG-112, ENG-115, ENG-116, ENG-200, ENG-207, COM-101, COM-102, and COM-111 are held in the computer classrooms.
A Writing Center staffed by English Department faculty who provide free tutoring in writing.
Developmental courses in writing at two levels.
Instruction in English for Non-Native Speakers of English.
Online sections of ENG-111, 112, 121, 200, 207, 215, 217, 216, 221, and COM-111, 200.