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The Marjorie Flack Award for Fiction


To celebrate student talent at Anne Arundel Community College and help aspiring writers, the family of the late Marjorie Flack is sponsoring a creative writing contest for AACC students enrolled for credit during the 2015-2016 academic year.

This award is for either the best short story or the best children's book. If you submit a children's book it can be co-authored and illustrated. 

Submit by March 1, 2016


Marjorie Flack was born on October 22, 1897. Ms. Flack was an artist and writer of children's picture books. Born in Greenport, Long Island, she was best known for “The Story about Ping” (1933), popularized by Captain Kangaroo. Since 1933, "The Story About Ping" has captivated generations of readers. No one can deny the appeal of the book's hero, the spirited little duck who lives on a boat in the Yangtze River. 

Just as well known are her stories of an insatiably curious Scottish terrier named Angus. Her book "Angus Lost" was featured prominently in the movie "Ask The Dust", starring Colin Farrell and Salma Hayek, in which Farrell's character teaches Hayek's character to read English using Flack's book. 

Ms. Flack was given a Caldecott Honor in 1947 for her book, “The Boats on the River” (Viking), which was illustrated by Jay Hyde Barnum.


Candidates for this award:

      • Must be currently enrolled students at Anne Arundel Community College
      •  Submit a freestanding entry, such as a short story or a children’s book. (In the case of a children’s book entry, coauthored submissions are acceptable)
      • Maximum 15 pages (double-spaced)
      • Submit one copy of each entry
      • Pages of each entry should be numbered and list the title of the work but have no other identifying information.
      • Each entry must be accompanied by a title page that contains student's name and title of the work submitted (these identifiers will be removed before the entries are submitted to the judges).

Deadline for submission: March 1, 2016

The winner’s work will be published in the 2016 edition of Amaranth.

Entries may be sent electronically or by mail to

Dr. Susan Cohen c/o English & Communications
Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21012- 1895

For questions or additional information:
Professor Susan Cohen at 410-777-2545 or