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Susan Kilgard, Associate Professor of Communications

Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, Maryland 21012

Phone: 410-777-2291
Office: Humanities #203 H

B.A. (Political Science/International Relations), University of California, Santa Barbara, 1992
M.M.C. (Mass Communications--Public Relations), Arizona State University, 1995
Ph.D. (Organizational Communication), Arizona State University, 1999 

How we can meet each other:   

COM 110 (Intro to Interpersonal Communication)
This introductory course examines the process of communication on a one-to-one level. We explore concepts such as how our identities as individuals are shaped, how perception and emotions influence communication, how language and nonverbal messages affect communication, and how relationships are formed, maintained, and sometimes terminated based on communication styles. Evaluation consists of chapter tests and several papers, and in-class group work and discussions are highlighted. E-mail me for a sample syllabus! 

COM 111 (Fundamentals of Oral Communication)
Often referred to as "public speaking," this basic course is required in many programs of study. Students learn to create detailed outlines based on thorough research, analyze audiences, and deliver speeches effectively and confidently. This course requires a great deal of library research, methods of which are taught in class, in the textbook, and in library instruction sessions. Evaluation consists of tests and speeches. Join us in this entertaining but challenging course and find out how powerful your voice can be! E-mail me for a sample syllabus! 

COM 200 (Intercultural Communication)
Join us in a fast-paced and intriguing exploration of other cultures and the process of communicating with members of them. Students often say they learn about themselves and their senses of cultural identity just as much as they learn about far-away worlds. This course involves a great deal of in-class discussion and group work, weekly video explorations of other cultures, and lectures on textbook and additional concepts. Evaluation is based on chapter tests, participation in class, and 10-12 hours of service learning followed by a journal. E-mail me for a sample syllabus!