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Dan Nataf, Ph.D.

Professor, Political Science  
History, Political Science and Philosophy 
School of Liberal Arts 


Doctor of Philosophy 
Political Science 
University of California, Los Angeles 

Master of Arts 
Political Science 
University of California, Los Angeles 

Bachelor of Arts 
Political Science and Government 
University of California, Berkeley 

A Little More 

Originally a resident of Los Angeles, Dan Nataf obtained his doctorate from the University of California at Los Angeles before moving to the East Coast. Since 1995, he has taught political science courses in American government, international relations, state and local government, and comparative politics at AACC. His early research focus was on democratization.  

Since 1995, he has also directed the Center for the Study of Local Issues, which conducts surveys of Anne Arundel County residents and students. Survey findings are widely distributed as press releases. They provide a running history of public opinion results for the county. Students are involved in selecting topics and analyzing the findings. The surveys have been the basis for many presentations he has given to a variety of political and community groups. Due to his expertise in local politics and public opinion, he is often quoted about those topics by The Baltimore Sun, The Capital and The Washington Post. He also discusses politics and polling on radio and occasionally on television.

“I have been fascinated by how material interests, institutional frameworks and ideology interact to shape political outcomes,” he said. “After conducting 25 years of community polling, I continue to be impressed by the many issues that come up in Maryland and Anne Arundel County – and how the public and politicians react to them. The spectacle and substance of politics never ceases to amaze me!” 

Nataf serves as advisor to the student club associated with the center and says that he enjoys sharing his passion for understanding politics and political science with AACC students. 

“While their backgrounds and experiences vary enormously, many share a passion for learning and a great curiosity about the world around them,” he said. “I am constantly revitalized learning about their views and helping them learn about the broader context for politics and government.” 


  • “Democratization and Social Settlements: The Politics of Change in Contemporary Portugal” 
  • “Transitions from Dictatorship to Democracy: Comparative Studies of Spain, Portugal, and Greece” 


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