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Lester Brooks teaching a history class

The History, Philosophy and Political Science department introduces essential knowledge for all citizens and an understanding of the foundations of Western civilization. Real people, real lives and real issues come to life in understandable and relatable ways with important lessons from the past that prepare you for life now and in the future. In these fields of study, we ask some of the deepest questions, such as the meaning of life, and challenge beliefs, customs, traditional values and even authority that can be applied to everyday real-life circumstances. 

We strive to convey these subjects and their importance in interesting, scholarly, enlightened and thought-provoking ways. Our department prides itself on focusing on teaching by inspiring students not only to understand but appreciate and learn from the histories and philosophies of the past.  We also take great pride that the majority of our full-time faculty hold doctorate degrees and all are highly trained in their respective fields of study.

Areas of Study

If you intend to transfer to a four-year school with a degree in history, political science or philosophy as your end goal, our Transfer Studies Associate of Arts is for you. 

AACC is proud to offer this unique Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree that allows you to customize your program to pursue your interests or meet the requirements of a specific school to which you hope to transfer. Meet with an advisor as soon as possible to build a Custom Transfer program that will meet your personal, professional and academic goals.

Learn about Transfer Studies.

Faculty and Staff

Academic Chair

Kevin Murphy, chair and assistant professor

Full-time Faculty

Frank Alduino, Ph.D., professor

Rita Victoria Gomez, Ph.D., professor
CRSC 132

Richard L. Hardesty, Ph.D., assistant professor
CRSC 117

Kevin Murphy, assistant professor

Daniel Nataf, Ph.D., professor
Political Science
CRSC 132

Office Staff

Keke Doy
Social Sciences, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies and Transfer Studies support coordinator
CRSC 133

Resources for Students

Legislative Intern

For nearly 20 years, AACC students have been participating in the Maryland General Assembly’s Legislative Internship Program. Each year during General Assembly session, 100 students are given the opportunity to serve as legislative interns. Upon acceptance into the program, students interview for placement with legislators, committees or caucuses of the Maryland General Assembly.

All enrolled AACC students are eligible to apply. Students should have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and proof of competency in college composition. Many of the interns are political science majors; however, students working for degrees in other areas who are interested in learning first-hand about the process of state government are encouraged to apply.

Learn more about the Legislative Intern program.

Center for the Study of Local Issues

The Center for the Study of Local Issues (CSLI) is part of the Sarbanes Center for Public and Community Service. The center’s primary activity is to conduct semiannual public interest surveys. If you enjoy learning about local and state issues such as the economy, education, growth, crime, the environment and more; meeting community leaders; asking questions and listening to other opinions, CSLI provides all of these experiences and more.

Learn more about the Center for the Study of Local Issues.

History Club

You’ll learn why historical topics can be so interesting, as well as how to pursue careers in history-related fields through field trips, film viewings and roundtable discussions.

Learn more about the History Club by visiting the Nest.


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