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Floriculture - Noncredit

AACC's School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers professional training in Floral Design for personal interest or professional pursuits. Discover the art of flower arranging and learn techniques to create basic centerpieces or high fashion arrangements for special occasions. Students pursuing a career in Floral Arranging can earn a professional certificate of completion. Learn more about AACC's Floriculture certificate program.

Upcoming Noncredit Floriculture Classes
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OCC 331 - Floriculture 1: Basic Floral Design
Examine the essential elements of floral design.  Identify supplies and equipment. Study selected flowers. Discuss plant material maintenance and pricing structures. Explore seven features of floral design. Assemble a floral arrangement in each class.

OCU 335 - Floriculture 2: Advanced Floral Design
Develop advanced design skills by creating holiday floral arrangements for the home. Identify specific challenges for each room. Assemble weekly holiday floral arrangements with a focus on color, size, style, flower placement and maintenance. 

OCA 322 - Floriculture 3: High Style Designs
Demonstrate advanced floriculture skills by creating arrangements for various life events. Examine care and maintenance of live, dried and artificial plant material and accessories. Practice both traditional and contemporary styles. 

OCA 350 - Tabletop Design
Learn to produce innovative and impressive centerpieces business functions. Create many beautiful designs by using unique containers, interesting props and a variety of fresh-cut flowers. 
      NOTE: Bring a sharp pocketknife, small wire cutters, scissors and a bag lunch. 
OCA 353 - Floriculture: High and Low Arrangements
Add a splash of color to your home with flowers and flowering plants. Learn how to create tall and low-profile arrangements, care for plants and use a variety of accessories to brighten designs. 
       NOTE: Bring a sharp pocketknife, small wire cutters, scissors and a bag lunch.

OCU 351 - Wedding Flowers and Corsages
Create romantic and elegant floral displays from the bride's bouquet to reception arrangements. Complete three projects: a bridal bouquet, a throw-away bouquet and an altar arrangement.
        NOTE: Bring a sharp pocketknife, small wire cutters, scissors and a bag lunch.
OCC 312 - Capstone Project for Floriculture
Earn a continuing education certificate in floriculture. Create a floral project as a final exam.
Prerequisite: OCC 332 Floriculture 1, OCU 335 Floriculture 2 and OCA 322 Floriculture 3 

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