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Futureportal… an ezine on the future, February 2013

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Welcome to Futureportal, an ezine of the Institute for the Future at Anne Arundel Community College (IF @ AACC), February 2013, volume 9, issue 2...We study the future to help build a better tomorrow.   

Inside this issue...

  • applied foresight... using the perspective
  • futures thinking... looking ahead
  • on the horizon... learning opportunities & events - local, regional and global

applied foresight... using the perspective

The Green Belt Movement works to promote environmental conservation and sustainable communities. This international organization was founded by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai in 1977. It has a particular focus to empower women and girls.

The trajectory of the consequences of violence is a frightening reality. The Violence Policy Center works to build a safer future through research, analysis, and education.

futures thinking... looking ahead

A distant star devouring one of its planets was recently observed by an international team of astronomers. About 5 billion years from now, this is similar to the projected future of the earth.

on the horizon... learning opportunities & events

The Brown Bag Lunch Seminar Series sponsored by IF @ AACC for February:

"The 2012 Elections: Analysis and Lessons for the Future"
by Dr. Dan Nataf
Associate Professor and Director of the Center for the Study of Local Issues, AACC
Monday, February 18, 1 - 1:50 PM
CADE Bldg. Room 219, AACC Arnold Campus
This event is free and open to the public. (map)

Interested in a course on the future for college credit?

Check our Exploring the Future (FTR /BPA /SOC /PSY 105) course listing. This is a 3 credit-hour General Education course which also satisfies the diversity requirement, and it is offered in either online or face-to-face formats. Registration is open for the Spring 2013 terms.

Registration is now open for the WorldFuture 2013 Conference, "Exploring the Next Horizon". The conference will be in Chicago, Illinois, USA, July 19 - 21, 2013.

Create the future... today at the international futures ezine, Futuretakes blog. The blog can be a learning resource, or just a great mind-expander. Many of the questions are cross-cutting and trans-disciplinary. They are organized into categories for readers' convenience.

The Futureportal supports the spirit of community among colleagues and the synergy of working together.