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Credit Course: FTR 105 Exploring the Future

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This exciting general education, interdisciplinary three-credit course fits in many undergraduate curricula. Sections will be available on-campus and online to meet the needs of local and global students.

What is the Course Description?

FTR 105 (SOC 105, PSY 105, BPA 105)  Exploring the Future

3 credit hours – Three hours of lecture weekly; one semester

Investigate the future in a changing world. Using tools and perspectives across fields of study and cultures, learners expand foresight and build the future. The course encourages appreciation for the complexity of our global society and its diversity.

What will I learn?
At the core of this course are nine fundamental topics. You will learn to:

  • Visualize the Future
  • Perceive Some Perspectives on  the Future
  • Investigate Multiple Futures: Diverse Factors that Drive Future Views
  • Examine Driving Forces
  • Deal with Change
  • Recognize Basic Futures Tools
  • Investigate Creativity and Problem-Solving
  • Conceptualize Responsibility for the Future
  • Construct the Future

Who will be teaching it?

Faculty are drawn from a wide spectrum of disciplines to focus on the future.

Is this course right for me?

This course doesn't "predict" the future, it gives you tools to build it. Many curricula require history (looks at the past), psychology, sociology, or geography or other similar courses that review contemporary life (looks a the present), FTR 105 Exploring the Future complements these by looking at the future: you can now study past, present and future at AACC! In addition the course fills a general education and/or an interdisciplinary requirement in your curriculum.

When will this course be available?
FTR 105 is available now.