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Do it- Change purpose to action

Do it -
Now change purpose to action.
On this page you'll find answers to these questions:

"How do you convert purpose to action?"
"What are some examples of activities that can be implemented by our institute?"

Convert purpose to action 

This is a short but important section. Once you’ve transferred goals and intentions to actions by “decoding” them, you actually need to “do” them. This effort relies on connecting to existing processes and developing new ones. The very nature of the futures content and the novelty of a vfutures institute demands creativity and innovation.

Some futures activities

What follows are some examples of activities at IF @ AACC that can be borrow or modified.  Of course the list is not finite and as a growth-oriented organization it will grow.  Let us share some samples. Many of them are linked an existing model.

  • Organization

Create a organizationally horizontal leadership structure, advisory team.

  • Futures Learning

Create Professional and Personal Development Noncredit Courses  for public and client training use.

Create and offer a  College Credit Course on the future.

Core futures book list.

Tools for Teaching the Future

  • Network and marketing

Create a routinely delivered newsletter or ezine on line.

Create an ongoing future focus on and off campus… “brown bag” presentations.

Develop and update a comprehensive website.

Connect with and develop global and national partners (World Future Society – global; Initiative for the Future Bowling Green State University Firelands – national)

Create a brochure, of course!

Target futures groups, see Kids and the Future

Colleague consulting list - Colleague Connections - we can help

  • Products

Generate products, video series for example.

Create a futures category and judge a local science fair.

Do internal consulting.

Do some basic futures research (with our AACC partner, the Center for the Study of Local Issues).  Go to CSLI Search by Topic and Category , scoll to Future and click on items.

Faculty publications.

Of course, you’ll want to add to this list.  These are only samples of many possibilities. Feel free to borrow and develop these.