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Deliver it - Getting the future there

Deliver it -
Finally, you must convey these ideas and actions.

On this page you'll find answers to these questions:
"What's so important about delivery?"
"What are some barriers to delivery?"

Getting the future from here to there

Getting your ideas, tools, and processes… the things that you can “DO” to those who may value from them is “Delivery.” You can “define, design, decode, do,” but if you can't deliver, you’re not sustainable.

Some barriers to delivery

You can decode and create (do) a number of products, tools and processes but the actual delivery of the institute will be enhanced if you don’t -

1. “…go it alone.” This is true for at least two reasons. First you can work more efficiently with a division of labor. Secondly, the more people, the more ideas you will generate. More ideas mean more innovation.

2. … expect them (and that’s most of the persons in the population you serve) to fully understand what you are doing! The futures and foresight ideas are not new, but at this stage of diffusion, you’re not likely to get immediate understanding of your plans. Frustration over this deters delivery. Initially you are looking for small, interested groups. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t fill the lecture hall.

3. … begin by trying to make your Institute completely self-sustaining. IF @ AACC is designed as an “intrapreneurship.” It is an enterprise within an enterprise. It relies on seed money and support, but is expected to support itself in the long term. 

4. … become top-heavy in "directors,” especially those who are in favor of delegating. Everybody needs to work. Clearly define the mission and instruct team members on it. Delivery is enhanced if there is alignment with the direction your institute is generally headed.

5. … rely exclusively on your institutional support network to operate as efficiently and quickly as institute clients may demand. You are involved in a “new game.” You are creating the rules and your structure and goals may be at odds with existing systems. Even the most loyal will need time to understand and implement some of the processes.

6. … expect faculty and staff members to be as enthusiastic and willing to volunteer their time as you are.  Futures and foresight are great ideas! Well, at least YOU think so. Those involved operate at varying levels of commitment. Delivery is enhanced when you can design a system that meets each interested person at the energy level she is willing to provide and not push too far beyond that point. Delivery can be stymied by burn out. 

7. … expect student volunteers to be as enthusiastic or to even show up most of the time. In any learner population there are distributions of ability and of interest. For some students your work is simply an annoyance. Others will find futures interesting, but not worthy of time and energy investment. A small group will be willing to grow. Your job is to enhance delivery by developing student interest and involvement.

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