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futureportal… an ezine on the future - january 2007

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Welcome to futureportal, an ezine of the Institute for the Future (IF) at Anne Arundel Community College, January 2007, volume 3, issue 1.   

Inside this issue (scroll down) 

  • on the horizon... events local, regional and global
  • applied foresight... using the perspective
  • futures thinking... looking ahead
  • on the horizon ... events local, regional and global
  • February '07
    2/5 Monday, 1-1:50 p.m., AACC Arnold, Maryland, CALT100 IF Brownbag:  "Therapeutic Options for the Future",  by Matthew Yeazel, Assistant  Professor, Psychology, Anne Arundel Community College. Free but you must rsvp.

    March '07
    3/5 Monday, 1-1:50 p.m., AACC Arnold, Maryland, CALT100 IF Brownbag:  "Pandemics and Our Future; A Look at Bird Flu"  by Dr. Jill Loukides, Professor of Biology, Anne Arundel Community College. Free but you must rsvp.

    April '07
    4/9 Monday, 1-1:50 p.m. AACC Arnold, Maryland, CALT100 IF Brownbag: "The Future of Leadership" by Shad Ewart, Director of Business Programs, Anne Arundel Community College. Free but you must rsvp.

    Does your organization need a speaker on the future? See the Institute's Futures Speakers List.

    Plan for 2007-Attend the World Future Conference, "Fostering Hope and Vision for the 21st Century", in Minneapolis, MN from July 29-31, 2007. Register for the conference at the WFS Conference site

    Interested in something not so local, but not so far? Visit the WFS National Capital Region's Web site.

  • applied foresight ... using the perspective

  • Does video gaming have a role in learning? According to Chris Dede, a Harvard professor of learning technologies, "a major goal for education in the 21st century is to create scientifically literate citizens who are able to think critically, make sense of complex data, and solve problems."  Take a look at a program, River City, that Dede and his colleagues developed to promote this 21st century type thinking.  

    How might mastering higher order skills such as analytical thinking, planning and execution be promoted by video-gaming? Should this be formalized as an educational strategy in the nation’s schools? Skim the ‘Fact Sheet’ or read the report produced by the National Summit on Educational Games. The Summit was sponsored by the National Science Foundation, the Federation of American Scientists, and the Entertainment Software Association.    

  • futures thinking ...  looking ahead

  • Insurance writers the most serious futurists? Joel Garreau, writing in a December 2006 Washington Post article, thinks so. Using a variety of data indicating climate change, without endorsing a theory about its cause, insurance companies are pulling back from coastal areas. Read an Insurance Information Institute report on “Global Climate Change …and the Economics of Insurance”.

    Building "green" structures is a definite plus to the environment. The EPA enumerates the reasons why we should consider building green... See "Why Build Green?"