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Futureportal… an ezine on the future, January 2009

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Welcome to Futureportal, an ezine of the Institute for the Future at Anne Arundel Community College (IF @ AACC), January 2009, volume 5, issue 1...We study the future to help build a better tomorrow.   

Inside this issue...

  • futures thinking ...  looking ahead
  • applied foresight ... using the perspective
  • on the horizon ... learning opportunities & events - local, regional and global
  • futures thinking... looking ahead

Bird Life International is a group dedicated to helping people understand the importance of taking steps to reduce the decline of bird species. A look at their annual report, "State of the World's Birds"  will enlighten all to the important relationship between birds and biodiversity.

  • applied foresight... using the perspective

The U.S. Army Research Office awarded a $4 million grant to a team of University of California at Irvine scientists to study the neuroscientific and signal-processing foundation of synthetic telepathy. This research involves a communication system that will be based on thought rather than speech. A University of Maryland scientist, David Poeppel is also involved in this cutting edge research.  

  • on the horizon... learning opportunities & events - local, regional and global

Interested in a course on the future for college credit? Check our Exploring the Future (FTR 100) class listing. This is a 3-credit hour General Education course which also satisfies the diversity requirement. Spring term registration is now open for both online and traditional face-to-face classes.

You can register for noncredit futures modules for professional development or personal enrichment. These online modules may be taken alone or in combination. These modules are suitable for employers or educators looking for some background information in order to introduce their employees or students to futuring.

Registration is now open for the 2009 WorldFuture Conference "Innovation & Creativity in a Complex World". The conference will be in Chicago, Illinois from July 17-19.

Get a jump on the future with "The Art of Foresight" PDF produced by our partner the World Future Society.