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futureportal… an ezine on the future - march 2006

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Welcome to futureportal, an ezine of the Institute for the Future (IF) at Anne Arundel Community College. March 2006, volume 2, issue 3 .
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Get a jump on the future with "The Art of Foresight" produced by our partner the World Future Society.

Inside this issue (scroll down) -

  • on the horizon ... events local, regional and global
  • applied foresight ... using the perspective
  • futures thinking ...  looking ahead

On the horizon- upcoming events (near AACC, Maryland)

March '06
Noncredit Personal and Professional Development on the Future. Mix and match these modular brief noncredit offerings to best suit your needs. Continue in March '06.

3/6 1-1:50 pm, AACC Arnold, Maryland, Cade 207  “A Senior Manifesto- Society’s Basic Provisions for Older Workers: A future view” by Richard Seabrook, Professor, Computer Science,  Anne Arundel Community College. Free but you must rsvp.

April '06
4/3 1-1:50 pm, AACC Arnold, Maryland, Cade 207  IF Brownbag: “Does History Repeat Itself and Other Myths about the Future." Dr. Elizabeth Kessel, Professor, History,  Anne Arundel Community College. Free but you must rsvp.

IF @ AACC Brown bag sessions are free, but you must rsvp.

Anytime: "Does your organization need a speaker on the future?"  See the
Institute's futures' speaker list.

On the horizon- upcoming events (regional and global)

WorldFuture 2006: Creating Global Strategies for Humanity's Future
July 28-30, 2006, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Professional Members' Forum: July 31, 2006

See upcoming activity sponsored by our partner, the World Future Society, a global leader in the study of the future at

See the National Capital Region, World Future Society at 

Applied foresight ... using the perspective

Foresight demands creativity.  Here's an overview of some solid creativity techniques. See Robert Harris' Creative Thinking Techniques.

Only thing better than "some tools" are "more tools."  Provided by Future Skills, put these futures tools in your personal and professional toolshed.  Graham May has an informative slideshow on futures methods (You'll need Power Point and might want to turn the sound down on your computer!).

A very short future... the rest of 2006 - See Businessweek's "eight tech trends for 2006."  Where will they take us?

Continued Bird Flu View... We're still watching. Follow the updates from  the Center for Disease Control (USA) and the  World Health Organization say about bird flu?  Thinking locally, acting locally, hence, globally: Pandemics, flu and avian (bird) flu... clearly global and local concerns.  See some of the steps each of us can take to impact the future and to prevent flu as provided by one local health department. 

Futures thinking ...  looking ahead

Here's a snapshot of the Pentagon's 21st Century plans. Find out what the "Long War" is.

Have you seen any movies lately? Futures movies, that is. See Josh Calder's futures movie site.  

Are you ready to drive in an "Electric Future?" See John Smart's overview ... from Natural Gas, to Nanobatteries...

Can't see the forest for the trees... the synthetic trees that is?  Dr Klaus Lackner has "invented an artificial tree designed to do the job of plants."

Spend some time learning about applied creativity and foresight at Horizons Grade 9 Synergetic Science Summer 2002 “The Self-sustaining Research Station Design Project”

Kids and the Future?  See a set of futures Web sites for kids gathered by an IF @ AACC team.

Reminder: Noncredit Personal and Professional Development on the Future. Mix and match these modular brief noncredit offerings to best suit your needs. Start in February , March and April  '06!