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An Idea Incubator

21st Century work demands innovation and creativity. Ideas are "products" of modern work. The Idea Incubator is a process in which learners spend 10 hours assessing a client's needs and use creative problem solving and creativity techniques to present possible ideas and solutions.

The outline for the process follows.

Day 1  - 4 hours
Overview – Possible
Getting to know each other - Team creation
Introduction of the problem – client
Creative problem solving, creativity techniques – their applications to the problem
By the end: A clear understanding of the problem, an increasing list of ideas for problem solution

Day 2 Computer Lab -  4 hours
Overview – Process
Warm up
More creativity techniques applied to the problem.
Individual team power point (templates)
Collaborative list
Second power point
Power point presentation rehearsal
By the end: A clean, professional problem identification and team power point for presentation on Day 3. 

Day 3 - 2 hours
Presentations to clients
Team 1, Team 2, Team 3
Discuss and debrief
Feedback on the process