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Institute for the Future @ AACC - Partners and People

institute for the future @ anne arundel community college  (IF @ AACC)
of the Sarbanes Center for Public and Community Service

The Institute endeavors to “Think globally; act locally!”

IF @ AACC encourages engaged learning. Actively pursuing foresight and future thinking through applied and experiential learning. Application of theories and concepts are encountered in real world situations. 

Below is a list of our Partners and People that drive our vision for a great future.


AFACCT Annual Conference

International Baccalaureate Program AACPS
Anne Arundel Community College Foundation Board
Elephant Club, Severna Park, MD
Envisioning Annapolis
Ginger Cove
Maryland Association of Institutional Research Officers
Middle Atlantic Actuarial Club, Inc. and the Baltimore Actuaries Club
National Security Agency
Nebraska City/County Managers' Association
World Future Society Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

Mountain States Association of Community Colleges Presidents' Retreat
Tulsa Community College
World Future Society Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN

Delta Community College
Gillette and Sheridan Community College
Houston Community College
League for Innovation
University of Houston
Virginia Wesleyan College
World Future Society Annual Meeting, Toronto, Canada


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  • Leaders

    • Our Advisory Team

    • Steering Team:

      Steve Henick
      Director, IF @ AACC

      Jennifer Bopp
      Advisory Board Chair
      Instructional Design,

      John Sagi
      Business & Electronic Commerce, AACC

      Maureen Sherer
      Chemistry, AACC

      Stephen F. Steele
      Sociology & Future Studies, AACC

  • Learners
    Students in our FTR100 and FTR110 Courses