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Bridge challenges your mind and builds friendships. Learn from a certified American Contract Bridge League Club Director all you need to know to start playing the game of Bridge with our Bridge for Beginners class. Then learn how to elevate your bridge game to the next level with our Bridge Workshop.
Come join us for a great game of Golf or Tennis and enjoy the great outdoors while you have fun exercising and socializing at the same time.

Upcoming Fall Classes!!!

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ERC 309 - Bridge for Beginners
Learn the basics of modern bridge in a comfortable, social atmosphere. Discuss hand evaluation, bidding, playing and defending. Practice actual play.

ENR 332 - Bridge Workshoop  -  Intermediate
Learn the Standard American bidding system, now the gold standard of bridge. Participate in structured play of prepared hands to practice good techniques of declarer play and defense.
      Prerequisite: ERC 309 Bridge for Beginners or previous experience.


AHL 397 - Golf for Beginners
Learn the basics of the sport and course etiquette. Focus on proper set up, putting, irons, woods and trouble shots.

ATC 302 - Intermediate Golf
Instructor helps continuing students correct the quirks of their game before they become habits. Improve your putting, get rid of those slices and expand your ability to make trouble shots.

ATC 321 - Golf -Woods
Improve your distance and accuracy with instruction on using fairway woods and the driver.

ATC 323 - Golf - Hitting the Scoring Irons
Improve your golf game from 125 yards and in from the green. Get instruction on the pitch shot and 8, 9, PW and SW.

Click here to find out about the Youth Golf  class.


AHC 320 - Beginning Tennis
Learn basic forehand, backhand and service skills and then start to play doubles and singles matches. Learn rules and strategies of singles and doubles play.
       NOTE: In the event of rain, class will be rescheduled.

AHC 321 - Advanced Beginning Tennis
Learn more advanced tennis strokes, techniques and tactics. Receive lots of practice in rallying while playing singles and doubles matches.
      NOTE: In the event of rain, class will be rescheduled.

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