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Gender and Sexuality Studies

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Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) focuses on the role of gender and sexuality in the construction of individual identities, interpersonal relationships and social institutions. Courses promote an understanding of power and privilege in a social context. Students are encouraged to develop critical thinking skills by analyzing the ways in which gender and sexuality intersect with other social variables like class, race, ethnicity and disability.

Reflecting its multidisciplinary nature, this program treats the study of gender and sexuality from the perspectives of such disciplines as history, literature, philosophy, art, science, psychology, health, criminal justice, sociology and legal studies.

Gender and Sexuality Studies is an option within the Transfer Studies degree. Students take a minimum of 12 credit hours of courses with the GSS designation. Courses transfer directly into the major and minor in Gender, Sexuality and/or Women’s Studies at four-year institutions, or as electives in other disciplines.

Students who wish to pursue an Associate's degree in a different field can still earn a 15-credit Certificate or a 9-credit Letter of Recognition in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

For information, contact the coordinator Heather Rellihan at 410-777-1233.