Future Students

2016 National Coming Out Week

For the fourth consecutive year, faculty, staff, and students involved in the Gender & Sexuality Studies program, Curriculum Transformation Project, Gay-Straight Alliance, AACC Rainbow Network, Office of Student Engagement, Human Services Club, and others dedicated to supporting Anne Arundel Community College's LGBT diversity will be celebrating National Coming Out Week October 10-14.

In addition to specific events, the Truxal Library staff is highlighting literature addressing LGBTQ topicsand the Health Services office will have information available on services for LGBTQ students, faculty and staff.

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Events will include...

  • “We Need You: Why Allies are Important to LGBTQ People,” “Relationship Violence: Additional Impacts in Same-Sex Relationships,” & “More than Just Bathrooms: Dispelling Myths about Trans* Folks” with special guest Gene Kelly
  • “My Coming Out Journey: Weird, Funny, & Hard Stories about Figuring Myself Out” with the students of the Gay-Straight Alliance
  • "Come Out?  What for?" with Dr. Grace Sikorski
  • Panel of veteran LGBT activists with Dr. Phil Terry-Smith
  • "How to Help: Supporting People Questioning Their Identity:  The DOs and DON’Ts of supporting struggling friends and students” with Dr. Matt Patton
  • Planned Parenthood Generation & sexual health
  • "Proclaim it, Express it, and then Design it" with Dr. Nicole Williams and the students of the Human Services Club
  • "TRANSitions," with AACC alumnus Patricia Smiley
  • AACC Rainbow Network Training

All events are open to the entire community, except for Rainbow Network Training, which is available only for AACC faculty and staff.