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If you are a prospective credit degree- or certificate-seeking hospitality student, follow these 10 easy steps to enroll:

10 Easy Steps to Becoming an HCAT student

Step 1 - Review HCAT Programs on the HCAT Web page or visit the college catalog.

Step 2 - Apply to College – application is free!
You can apply online, by mail or in person at the Arnold Camps, Glen Burnie Town Center, Arundel Mills or Fort Meade Army Education Center.

Step 3 - Seek and Complete Financial Aid Information and Application

Step 4 - Take Placement Tests
If you are a new student pursuing a degree and have not completed courses at other colleges in the areas of mathematics, English, or reading, then you are required to take a placement test. You can use ACT or SAT scores instead of college placement scores. Placement testing scores can be transferred within the community college system of Maryland. Placement test for AACC's students is FREE! Visit or call one of AACC's testing Offices: Arnold 410-777-2375 and GBTC 410-777-2906.

Step 5 - Meet with an AACC College Advisor
One of AACC's college advisors can help you select your general education courses for your Associate's degree and provide transfer information.

Step 6 - Meet with an HCAT Faculty Advisor
Once you've met with a college advisor and know whether you plan to transfer to a four-year school and determine what general education courses are required, an HCAT advisor can talk with you about your area of interest help you select hospitality and culinary courses that fit your needs.

HCAT Advisors:

Prospective Pastry Students:
David Ludwig, 410-777-2063,
Louise Nielsen 410-777-2065,
Virginia Olson, 410-777-2208,

Prospective Culinary Students:
Shawn Harlan, 410-777-1178,
Ken Jarvis, 410-777-2722,
John Johnson, 410-777-1225,

Prospective Hospitality Students:

Ken Jarvis, 410-777-2722,
Lou Woods, 410-777-1156,

Step 7 - Register for Classes

To register for credit classes and browse course schedules, please visit AACC's Records and Registration.

Step 8 - Order Uniforms, Knives and Books
Uniforms can be ordered online at Culinary Classics or from the College Bookstore. They must be embroidered and you must wear them to your first lab class. You can order them to be embroidered through Culinary Classics or get them embroidered in person at Maryland Monogram on MD Route 2. They are not required for lecture-only classes. Knives and books must be purchased from the college bookstore. If ordering online, you may want to print out and follow these online uniform instructions.PDF

Step 9 - Attend AACC Student Orientation
Attend Anne Arundel Community College's New Student Orientation. This is separate from HCAT's mandatory online orientation.

Step 10 - Complete HCAT's New Student Orientation - Online Presentation
Complete a mandatory online new student orientation once you have registered for classes. This is found through MyAACC and will be available close to the start of your first class.

To get started on your HCAT New Student Orientation, please follow these instructions:

1. First log onto MyAACC.
2. The New Student Orientation will appear close to the start of your first class.
3. Look under the "My Classroom" section on the right of your MyAACC home page. Follow the link to the "HCAT Student Resource Center"
4. Or: If you are already on the virtual campus page, scroll down the list of courses and select the HCAT Student Resource Center for your starting semester under Community Groups on your home page.
5. Click on the Content Tab, and select the HCAT Student Orientation and Quiz
6. Once you have completed the orientation, you will need to take the orientation quiz in the same tab. Completion of this quiz is required, and will be tracked by your HRM instructors.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or call 410-777-2114.