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HCAT Staff

The staff and faculty of HCAT Institute have a commitment to academic excellence and an enthusiasm to help students excel while maintaining a nationally-recognized status as a leader in all aspects of hospitality training.

HCAT Staff

Mary Ellen Mason, FMP, Director

John Delozier, CHA, Assistant Director


HCAT Instructional Staff

HCAT's instructional staff are ACF accredited and have a broad, extensive background of industry experience. Professionals with a passion for excellence in education, they are dedicated to improving student learning and outcomes.

Noncredit Food and Culinary Arts Instructors

AACC’s Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute is pleased to provide top-notch instruction for their noncredit classes by leading professionals from AACC’s staff and the community.

HCAT Advisory Board

The individuals who serve on HCAT's Advisory Board give freely of their time and professional expertise to provide the HCAT Institute with guidance and advice in planning for the future.