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Electrocardiogram and Intravenous Therapy Technician

ECG and IV technicians are primarily responsible for administering electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) tests, and setting up intravenous therapy. Technicians work in hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, doctors’ offices, alternate care settings, chemotherapy clinics, ambulatory infusion centers and in patients’ homes.

Certificate code: CRT.MDA.ECG-IV

Session 1 Online Courses: January 21 - March 15, 2015
Session 2 Hybrid Courses: March 23 - May 17, 2014

For more information and orientation dates contact:
Contact Pam Polgreen at 410-777-2925. 


What is the job outlook?
Employment of ECG and IV technicians is expected to grow by 24 percent through 2018. Technicians earn an average annual salary of $35,700.

What is the training?
Training consists of five online and two face-to-face courses, taken concurrently, that can be completed in just eight months.

What courses will I take?
MDA-110 - Professionalism in Health Care 
MDA-111 - Introduction to Allied Health and Medical Ethics 
MDA-113 - Medical Terminology 
RXN-211 - Pharmacology for Health Professionals 
ACA-100 - Student Success 
MDA-118 - Intravenous Therapy 
MDA-119 - Electrocardiography and Cardiac Diagnostics

What credentials can I earn?
Upon successful completion of the credit program, students earn 16 credits and a Certificate in Medical Assisting with a concentration in ECG/IV Therapy. These credits may be transferred to related credit certificates and degrees. Students interested in pursuing additional credit programs should meet with an advisor.

What will it cost?
~$2,000 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fees. Financial aid is available for qualified candidates. Contact AACC's Financial Aid Office at 410-777-2203 or

What are the requirements?
Students must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or have passed the GED exam, and demonstrate eligibility for “Composition and Introduction to Literature” (ENG 111). Students also  attend a mandatory program orientation with the program coordinator. For more information about this requirement, consult the college catalog or contact the program coordinator at 410-777-2925

How do I enroll?
Attend a mandatory program orientation with the program coordinator where the staff will review the program requirements and assist you with course registration details. Contact program coordinator at 410-777-2925 for details. Use certificate code CRT.MDA.ECG-IV.

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For more information contact Pam Polgreen at 410-777-2925 or