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Central Sterile Processing Technician

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Central Sterile Processing Technicians are a vital support to all patient care services in many health care facilities. They are responsible for decontaminating, cleaning, processing, assembling, sterilizing, storing, and distributing the medical devices and supplies needed in patient care, especially during surgery.

Training includes preparing special packages of equipment for specialty procedures. Upon completion of the program students may expect to find employment in hospitals and various outpatient surgical centers.

Students require 400 hours of hands-on experience which allows the student to practice what they have learned. A portion of the hands-on experience will be completed within the program. The remainder must be completed within 6 months of passing the provisional certification.

Sterile Processor

Student Orientation Session
All students must register to attend an Orientation Session. Click here to register for the Orientation Session.
Upcoming Sessions - January 12, 6-8pm and February 2, 1-3pm

What is the job outlook?
Overall, employment of central sterile processing technicians is projected to increase by 20 percent through 2020. The average annual salary in Maryland is ap­proximately $34,000.

What is the training?
Training consists of 1 face-to-face noncredit course, and a 400 hour externship (4 courses) that can be completed in six months. Students will examine the responsibilities of a central sterile processing technician in various medical settings including general hospitals, public health clinics, private doctors’ offices and specialized surgical centers. Students will learn about inventorying tools, sterilizing equipment and ensuring the cleanliness and safety of operating rooms, tables and other equipment.

What courses will I take?
STP 500 - Central Sterile Processing Technician
OPA 337 - Career Development
STP 505 - Central Sterile Processing Technician: Externship 1
STP 506 - Central Sterile Processing Technician: Externship 2
STP 507­ - Central Sterile Processing Technician: Externship 3
STP 508 - Central Sterile Processing Technician: Externship 4

What will it cost?
$2,365 for Anne Arundel County residents, including tuition and fee. Eligible for the continuing education payment plan.

What are the requirements?
Students must be at least 18 years old.
Students must also attend a mandatory student orientation.

What are the externship requirements?

  • Background Check and Drug Screen Urine panel to test for: amphetamines, cocaine,  metabolites, marijuana (THC), phencyclidine PCP), opiates, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, methaqualone, propoxyphene, methadone  (included in tuition)
  • Immunizations (may require additional student expense): TB Test (must be within the last 12 months) or Chest X-Ray (only required if TB test is positive), MMR Vaccine Series or Titer, Varicella vaccine Series or Titer, Flu Vaccine (current year), Tdap (must be within last 5 years), Hepatitis B Vaccine Series or Titer.
  • Externship requires the student to be available to volunteer for two eight hour shifts during the week day at one of our partner facilities.
  • Anne Arundel Medical Center Volunteer/Intern Form pdf
  • Baltimore Washington Medical Center Volunteer/Intern Form pdf
  • Calvert Medical Center Coming Soon

For more information contact Ann Riefe at 410-777-2910 or
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