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AACC's Annual 5K Turkey Trot and One-Mile Jaunt

Photo of 2013 Turkey Trot Runners

Thanks to our sponsors and participants
for making the 25th Annual Turkey Trot a success!
Conditions were rainy with temperatures in the mid-forty's.


Category Winners 
Martin Shpuntoff- Fastest Male (00:17:58.32)
Nathan Udell- 2nd Place Male (00:18:08.01)

Meredith Fauver- Fastest Female (00:20:47.72)
Karen Young- 2nd Place Female  (00:23:11.56)

Jacob Stolzenbach- Fastest Male AACC Student (00:19:55.50)
Joe Kopp- 2nd Place Male AACC Student  (00:21:37.50)

Viviana Henriquez-Rubio- Fastset Female AACC Student (00:22:43.48)
Alison Conrell- 2nd Place Female AACC Student  (00:23:51.50)

Keith Bigelow- Fastest Male AACC Staff  (00:20:25.92)
Keith Cochran- 2nd Place Male AACC Staff (00:25:35.62)

Kasia Taylor- Fastest Female AACC Staff  (00:26:07.97)
Lynne Brummitt- 2nd Place Female AACC Staff  (00:26:36.95)

Greg Clulow- Fastest 15 and under Male (00:19:54.45)
William Sundius- 2nd Place 15 & under Male  (00:22:50.54)

Elizabeth Kiely- Fastest 15 & under Female (00:21:47.20)
Lindsay Beardmore- 2nd Place 15 & under Female  (00:24:18.95)

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2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003

Video Highlights

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