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History Department at AACC

The history department at Anne Arundel Community College conveys history and its importance in a scholarly, enlightened, thought provoking, and interesting way. The History Faculty at Anne Arundel Community College prides itself on focusing on teaching--inspiring students to not only understand but appreciate and learn from the histories of the past.  All full-time faculty are highly trained and hold Ph.D.s in their respective fields of study.


The famous Roman orator/statesman Cicero remarked that "History is the witness of the times, the torch of truth, the life of memory, the teacher of life."  In spite of these noble words, historians have often labored under the burden of justifying the study of the past. Humans are practical, more concerned with our present and future than with our past. Surely, the study of history provides us with unique opportunities for self-knowledge.

History teaches us what we have done and in doing so, it helps us to define who we are. It enables us to connect our personal experiences with the collective memory of the groups to which we belong and to see ourselves as part of a particular region, nation, and culture, each of which has a unique past.