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History Courses

Check the schedule of classes for history courses specifically offered for the 2012 fall semester.

History courses found in the AACC College Catalog include:

HIS 111: History of Western Civilization 1
HIS 112: History of Western Civilization 2
HIS 211: History of the United States 1
HIS 212: History of the United States 2
HIS 214: African American History
HIS 215: Civil Rights Era
HIS 217: Women of the Western World
HIS 218: History of Women in America: 1607-Present
HIS 219: History of Maryland
HIS 220: The Civil War Era
HIS 221: Battles of Gettysburg and Antietam
HIS 223: History of Modern Russia
HIS 224: History of Modern Europe
HIS 226: History of Modern Latin America
HIS 227: History of Medieval and Renaissance England
HIS 228: History of Modern England
HIS 231: The Holocaust
HIS 261: History of the Middle East
HIS 262: The Cold War
HIS 280-299: Special Topics in History