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History and Heritage Noncredit Courses

The AACC department of Lifelong Learning offers history and heritage courses that provide an in-depth look at local, national and global periods throughout history.

Taught by gifted historians in their field, these engaging and enlightening courses underscore the importance of learning and appreciating our past. Topics include lectures and in some instances field trips focusing on historic events, decorative arts, historic architecture, colonial history, historic Civil War battles, military leaders and the local history of Anne Arundel County. Additional programs address historic global conflicts and exam world cultures and religions.

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Historic Preservation

HRY 352 - Colonial Anne Arundel: South County

HSY 316 - Longwood Gardens: Then and Now NEW

HSY 317 - Louis Comfort Tiffany: His Art and Design NEW

HRY 370 - Historic Odessa: 18th and 19th Century America NEW

Local and Regional

HRY 312 - Gettysburg in a Day

HST 307 - Arlington National Cemetery: Shrine to America's Heroes.

HST 308 - Annapolis: Portrait of a Small City

U.S. History

HRY 375 - Railroads and the Civil War NEW

HRY 391 - Lee versus Grant: Overland Campaign 1864-1865 NEW

HSY 314 - U.S. Presidnets Series: Top Five Presidents NEW

HSY 315 - U.S. Presidents Series: Worst Five Presidents NEW 

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