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Homeland Security Management Degree

AACC offers a 62-66 credit-hour, comprehensive Homeland Security Management Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) Degree. After successful completion, students are prepared to enter into a host of related fields including

  • local, state and federal law enforcement
  • fire fighting
  • emergency management
  • port security
  • customs and airport security
  • corporate security and intelligence
  • transportation and border patrol
  • some medical emergency operations
  • immigration services
  • intelligence analytics

Students may pursue a general studies track in Homeland Security Management or a more specified area in Intelligence Analytics.


In addition to general education classes, students are required to complete the following Homeland Security Management core courses:

  • ­HLS-11­1 - Introduction to Homeland Security
  • HLS-120 - Homeland Security Seminar
  • AMS-100 - Introduction to American Studies
  • CSI-112 - Computing and Information Technology or CSI-113 - Introduction to Computers
  • GEO-102 - World Regional Geography
  • HLS-260 - Terrorism/Counterterrorism
  • SOC-111 - Introduction to Sociology
  • HLS-121 - Protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets Seminar
  • CJS-207 - Cyber Forensics
  • HLS-211 - Intelligence Analysis and Security Management
  • HLS-112 - National Security Law
  • HLS-212­ - Survey of Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • HLS-122 - Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Seminar
  • EMT-104 - Emergency Medical Responder
  • CJS-138 - International Law and Human Rights
  • CJS-270 - War in the American Experience: Unconventional Warfare
  • HLS-213 - Transportation and Border Security
  • HLS-113 - War on Drugs or CJS-135 Organized Crime
  • HLS-114 - Maryland and Terrorism
  • HLS-123 - Developing Catastrophic Incident Response and Emergency Contingency Plans Seminar

For further information, please call the Homeland Security & Criminal Justice Institute at 410-777-1159.