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Forensic Studies

Forensics is the study of the identification, collection, interpretation and application of legal evidence. It is a vast vocation ranging from the most commonly known Fingerprint Collection to the complexed fields of Clinical Forensics, Linguistic Forensics or Forensic Psychology - Criminal Profiling.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 61 credit hours.
AACC offers students an opportunity to pursue one of two areas of study: Forensic Scientist Track or Police Science Track.

Careers in Forensic Science include:

  • evidence laboratories - government and private
  • correctional psychology
  • law enforcement - local, state and federal
  • intelligence analytics
  • polygraphy
  • document examiner
  • postmortem psychology
  • clinical forensics
  • clinical nursing
  • Criminal Profiling

For additional information, call the Homeland Security & Criminal Justice Institute at 410-777-1159 or e-mail

Students must refer to the college catalog for a complete listing of all general education required courses and program credit hours.

Required Core Courses

  • CJS-250 - Introduction to Forensic Science
  • HEA-150 - First Aid; or EMT 104 First Responder
  • CJS-216 -Criminal Evidence and Procedure
  • CJS-111 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJS-222 - Investigations and Criminalistics
  • SOC-111 - Introduction to Sociology
  • CJS-137 - Clinical Forensics

Forensic Scientist Track Core Courses

  • CHE-111-112 - General Chemistry 1, 2
  • PHY-111-112 - Fundamentals of Physics 1, 2; or PHY 211-212 General Physics
  • CHE-213-214 - Organic Chemistry 1,2
  • BIO-101 - Fundamentals of Biology

Forensic Police Science Track Core Courses

  • PSY-111 - Introduction to Psychology
  • CJS-111 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • CJS-136 - History of Homicide
  • CJS-215 - Criminal Law
  • CJS-225 - Criminal Justice Ethics
  • PHL-141 - Introduction to Logic
  • Electives - Criminal Justice
  • BIO-230 - Structure and Function of the Human Body