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Who needs an AACC Photo ID card?

  • Students
    Students currently enrolled in credit or noncredit classes are eligible for an ID card. Credit students are strongly encouraged to obtain an ID card and carry it with them when on campus.
  • College Employees
    All college faculty and staff are required to obtain an ID card. Employees should wear their ID when on campus in an official capacity. If wearing the card is not practical, employees must keep their card readily accessible for identification purposes and wear a standard AACC name badge instead.
Why do I need an AACC Photo ID card?

AACC Photo ID cards provide proof of your status as a student or employee and facilitate access to many campus resources.

  • Your ID card is also your library card. Once you have received your ID, visit the library circulation desk on the second floor and the staff will activate your card in their system.
  • Your ID card contains your ID number, which is needed for various types of financial  transactions at the college.
  • Your card can be used for identification purposes at the Testing Center, Financial Aid Office and elsewhere on campus.
  • You can show your ID card when purchasing tickets to performances at the Pascal Theater or other college activities and receive a discount.  
  • Some area businesses may offer special discounts when you show your AACC Photo ID.

Where can I get my AACC Photo ID Card?

  • Arnold Campus - AACC Bookstore, SUN 160
  • AACC @ Arundel Mills - AACC Bookstore, Room 106 (Student Lounge)

What to Bring

Driver's license or other valid government issued ID for verification purposes. Students must also bring a current official copy of their course schedule/bill. Students - you will need to wait until one business day after you have registered to allow time for your information to download into the ID card system.

Card Expiration, Replacement ID Cards and the 10-10-10 rule

Your AACC Photo ID does not expire. Student cards receive validation stickers for the duration of your studies (see the next section for details).  Our cards are made from a PVC composite and the imprinting is sealed with an overlaminate. They will last several years under normal conditions.

There is no charge for your first AACC Photo ID.  Replacement cards will cost $10 per replacement, payable at time of replacement. The replacement fee will be waived for stolen cards only with a Department of Public Safety and Police incident report or a report from another police department or public safety agency.

This is our 10-10-10 rule:

  • $10 if you lose your AACC Photo ID and need a replacement
  • $10 if you damage your AACC Photo ID and need a replacement
  • $10 if you wish to retake your picture on your AACC Photo ID (subject to ID staff approval)

Validation Stickers for Students

 AACC Photo IDs issued to students are validated with a tamper-resistant sticker affixed above the photograph. This sticker validates the student's ID for a full academic year for student activities and functions of the ID card.

Validation stickers are issued beginning in the fall, valid through until the end of the following summer. You may request an updated sticker at any point so long as you are registered for a current credit or noncredit term at the time of the request.

The currently valid sticker being offered is for the 2017 academic year. It states EXP AUG 2017 and is valid until August 31, 2017.  These stickers are now available.

Validation stickers may be obtained from any AACC Bookstore location (including Glen Burnie) during regular business hours. You must bring a current course schedule with you along with your AACC Photo ID in order to have the ID validated. Stickers are not given out without an ID card present.