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Frequently Asked Questions - Employers

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Internship program at AACC.

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How does the Internship Office refer students to me? 
Working with many disciples, we constantly handle inquiries from students and circulate internship proposals among faculty. Additionally, we screen students for eligibility to seek credit. Once students go through this process, they will contact you directly to apply for the internship.

May I select a student, or does AACC select a student for me?
Please consider the referrals as if they are candidates being hired for employment. Be aware that this is a mutual matching process for you and for the student. You can conduct interviews to screen candidates to ensure that the student you are interested in fits your needs, and that you can provide opportunities to meet their learning objectives.

How early should I apply to post an internship opportunity?
The sooner the better! Many students seek opportunities to build into their academic program a semester prior to the credit-based internship experience.

How do I start posting internship opportunities? 
Create a profile for Internship Navigator and post opportunities

What is my role in evaluating the student?
The faculty advisor for credit-based internships will work with you and the student to establish learning objectives and tasks supporting those objectives. The faculty advisor evaluates the academic outcomes for learning objectives. The worksite evaluates job performance. In general, evaluations occur in the middle and at the end of the internship.

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