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Frequently Asked Questions - Students

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Internship program at AACC. 

What is the Internship Process?
Please plan early! We recommend that you begin your search at least 10 weeks before the desired start date. The Internship Office is here to help you take the right steps to search for a great internship. AACC has an Internship Program Coordinator as well as a Coordinator for Engaged Learning in STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) who are happy to be of assistance to you. Please contact us if you have any questions about the internship process.

Do I have to do my internship in Anne Arundel County?
No! Students have completed internships in nearby areas such as Annapolis, and as far away as Disney World in Florida. 

How many internships can I have? The number of internships you can have largely depends upon your individual long-term goals. Talk with the Internship Office about your options.

Do internships transfer to four-year colleges and universities?
An internship is a great elective toward a degree or certificate at AACC, and it is a superb vehicle to take you on an interesting journey from the classroom to a career. Depending upon the institution to which you would like to transfer, as well as the type of applied learning experience involved, the credit may or may not be accepted. Ultimately, the decision rests with the institution to which you transfer. But college credit should not be the only reason for seeking an internship. Enhancing learning, developing a professional network and applying theories to solve real problems in the workplace are excellent reasons to pursue an internship.

What are the eligibility requirements for credit internships?
Requirements and prerequisites for an internship vary according to your program of study. Consult the college catalog for specific program requirements. Most departments list the internship as a 275 or 276 course number. If a department does not offer such a course, credit within courses 275, 276 or 277 may still be possible through the Internship Office as “Internship Experience” (IEX) courses if a faculty advisor is available to evaluate the academic rigor of the experience. The standards for courses 275, 276 and 277 are fairly exact as the college seeks to assure the quality of students placed in internships. Certain exceptions can be made for outstanding students who have permission from the department chair for the internship opportunity. For IEX courses 275, 276 and 277, you must: 

  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Complete a minimum of nine credit hours in your major field of study 
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from a professor supporting your readiness for an internship in that field

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