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Here are some frequently asked questions about the Internship program at AACC.

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How many credits can I earn for an internship?
College credit varies depending upon the experience. In general, a three-credit course over a fifteen-week semester typically involves a minimum of fifteen hours of employment per week.

How is the course evaluated and graded?
The organization assigns a supervisor who assists in training the student and conducts periodic performance reviews. The faculty advisor assesses the student’s progress towards learning objectives and any other assignments (including papers, journals, etc.) as well as the employer’s evaluation of the student. The professor assigns the grade.

What do I do if the employer asks me to do something different from what we agreed to do–and it is not related to my learning objectives?
Your faculty advisor may be able to assist you in either working with the employer to focus more closely on your learning objectives if the tasks are not appropriate to an internship activity, or revising learning objectives to include those work-related activities because they merit connecting classroom theories with real-world applications.

What do I do if I the internship doesn’t work out because it was not a good fit or something comes up in my life?
If complications arise, consult with your faculty advisor and keep the Internship Program Coordinator informed of any challenges as well as any successes!

May I intern without seeking credit?
Yes! However, you must still communicate with the Internship Office. We are here to help prepare you for the experience and to be a resource in your search. A resume critique and brainstorming session are useful services available to you. You must receive approval prior to responding to postings or applying for internships.

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