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­The A, B, C’s of Internships at AACC for Students ­contains tips to help you launch a productive internship search and sail towards your career.  First, click on “Appropriate Contact” to get pointed in the right direction.

Appropriate Contact: Some internship experiences are included in the design of academic programs that prepare students for professional credentials in certain industries.  Students seeking internship in those fields are required to work with specialized AACC staff at the department level.  Identify the appropriate coordinator as the first step to determine the rest of your journey to an internship.

Begin With Your Talent:  Access tools and resources to promote your skills and experience.

Chart Your Course:  Discover how to earn college credit with an internship.  

Database Registration/Internship Search: The AACC Internship Navigator is an online searchable database.  It is a free service specifically for AACC students seeking college-level internship opportunities.

Express Feedback:  Contact the Internship Office to keep us informed about your internship match and learning outcomes.  We love to hear about success stories and see photos of interns with their mentors working on special projects.  And please keep in touch as you sail toward and reach your dream job! 


Appropriate Contact
1.    Certain areas of study at AACC have a specialized internship program coordinator specifically to help students prepare for an internship in a desired profession.  Students majoring in the following areas of study are required to contact their designated program coordinator—rather than use the alphabetized process below.  Visit your program’s homepage for contact information, and ask for the internship program coordinator in your major.

     a.   Computer Technologies
     b.   Homeland Security & Criminal Justice Institute
     c.   Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute
     d.   Legal Studies Institute
     e.   ­School of Health Sciences
     f.   STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (except computer technologies and engineering)
     ­g.  TEACH Institute and Parenting Center

2.    For internships in other areas of study, read the information below and connect with the AACC Internship Office.

3.    If you are an international student with an F-1 Visa, please coordinate with AACC’s International Admissions Specialist for OPT/CPT approval for your internship.

4.    Students with documented disabilities may be eligible to receive accommodations for their internships under the ADA.  For additional information, contact the Program Manager for Disability Support Services

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Begin With Your Talent
1.    Utilize the AACC Career and Transfer Resource Center’s helpful guides and workshops to develop marketing tools: résumés, cover letters, and interview techniques, and follow up with your internship program coordinator.  

Need help developing a résumé or cover letter?
Visit the Employment Services webpage to access résumé and cover letter guidebooks,     http://www.aacc.edu/careers/studentservices.cfm.

2.    Consider contacting the AACC Internship Office to review your employment portfolio, to arrange a mock-interview, and to get hints about marketing yourself specifically for an internship experience—it is different than applying for a regular job.   

3.    Consider developing your personal brand and workforce readiness with free resources such as:

     a.    ­P­wC’s Personal Branding eBook
     b.    InternQube’s professional and soft skills website

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Chart Your Course­
1.    Contact AACC’s Counseling, Advising and Retention Services to inquire about matters such as whether an internship:

     a.    Exists within the design of your academic program.  
     b.    Qualifies as an elective course in your major.
     c.    Requires prerequisites.
     d.    Transfers to your four-year school of choice.

2.    If an internship course is not offered in your major, contact the Internship Office to explore using the Internship Experience (IEX) course series to earn college credit.

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Database Registration/Internship Search
1.    Click on the AACC Internship Navigator to register on the internship database.

2.  Once you are registered, set-up account in area marked “Get Started: My Account” and start with “Personal Profile.”
(Use your @mymail.aacc.edu email address when registering within the database.)

3.  Proceed to “Academic Profile.” Take note: “Permission to Obtain and Release Information” must be signed in order to proceed or view internship opportunities.

4.  Submit a resume for approval. A resume MUST BE uploaded as a pdf document. Click here for a sample resume.

5.  Go to the “Internship Opportunities” tab to the left, click on down arrow, then click on “Internship Opportunities” to start your internship search.

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Expre­ss Feedback
1.    We care about your internship experience!  We hope your internship is as empowering as those you see on this website—and if you provide us with your success story and photos, your internship might be featured here, too!  Contact us to:

     a.    Tell us what you are doing and how it inspires you.
     b.    Photo journal and document projects you work on.
     c.    Share reflections about a special project.
     d.    Describe ways your workplace mentor, faculty advisor, learning objectives helped you grow.
     e.    Evaluate your internship experience—and let us know what we can do better to help you and future students.

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