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Database Development and Administration

AACC offers a wide array of noncredit database training courses. Pick the one that's right for you.

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Spotlight Course: CTR 393 - SQL: Introduction
Today, SQL serves as the industry standard for managing database systems. Job recruiters use it as a benchmark for hiring IT professionals while job hunters will do just about anything to make it appear on their résumési. Students will gain a sound understanding of SQL and learn to write their own script to insert, extract and manipulate data with ease.
Mapue, J. (2015, January 14). Learning SQL Is An Easy Path to a $92k/Year Career. Retrieved July 22, 2016, from

The following courses are offered throughout the year.  For upcoming course dates, times, locations and cost, click on the course numbers below.

Database Administration

CTU 318 - Relational Databases and SQL

CTU 319 - PL/SQL Programming

CTU 320 - Database Administration 1

Database Design and Development - Traditional/Face to Face Format

CTR-361 - Microsoft Access 2013, Level 1

CTR 362  - Microsoft Access 2013, Level 2

CTR-358 - Introduction to Database Design

Online Course Options

OLA 314 - Introduction to Microsoft Access 2010 ONLINE

OLA 319 - Intermediate Microsoft Access 2010 ONLINE 

OLA 373 - Introduction to Microsoft Access 2013 ONLINE

OLA 374 - Intermediate Microsoft Access 2013 ONLINE

OLT 354 - Introduction to Microsoft Access 2016 ONLINE

OLT 360 - Microsoft Access 2016 - Intermediate ONLINE

OLI-329 - Introduction to Database Development ONLINE

OLN-392 - Introduction to Oracle ONLINE

ONL-377 - Intermediate Oracle ONLINE  

OLN-391 - Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL) ONLINE

OLA 308 - Intermediate Structured Query Language (SQL) ONLINE

OLI 339 - Introduction to PHP and MySQL ONLINE 

OLI 340 - Intermediate PHP and MySQL ONLINE

OLI 399 - Introduction to Crystal Reports ONLINE 

Students can also participate in online-LIVE courses meeting real time with other students and an instructor virtually, simulating a face to face environment, allowing students the flexibility of working on their own computer or mobile device anywhere with an internet connection.

AACC offers a variety of online-LIVE courses in partnership with New Horizons Learning Centers including:

  • CTR 358 - Introduction to Database Design
  • Introduction to SQL Databases
  • Developing SQL Databases
  • Provisioning SQL Databases
  • Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure
  • Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Database
  • Relational Database Design - A Practical Approach
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