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Home Computer Networking and Security

The following noncredit courses are perfect for home users.

For upcoming course dates, times, location and cost, visit AACC’s course search and select Noncredit for course type and Computer Technology (NC) as subject or enter the specific course number in the appropriate box. 

Online Courses

OLN-388 - Introduction to PC Troubleshooting  ONLINE
Identify computer parts and functions. Learn to fix power, drive, memory and file problems. Conquer boot failure and prevent Microsoft Windows general protection fault errors. Understand BIOS, CMOS and RAM challenges. CEUs awarded. Prerequisite: Working knowledge of PC hardware and software. Note: Online course.

OLN-389 - Introduction to Networking  ONLINE 
Study types of networks and benefits including LAN, WAN, Internet and intranet. Review network components, topologies and cabling. Get an overview of network security, management issues. troubleshooting and network environments.  .

ONL-361 - Wireless Networking  ONLINE
Learn about the latest wireless technology and how it works. Understand how to build and connect to a wireless network. Explore standards, security, satellite Internet and cellular phone technology and the future of wireless. CEUs awarded.
Prerequisite: ONL 352 or equivalent working knowledge.

ONL-367 - Introduction to PC Security  ONLINE 
Review fundamentals of PC and network risks and security. Learn about ways computers are accessed without owner knowledge and how to prevent various network attacks. Explore sharing files and data safely. Learn to install and configure a firewall.

OLN-390 - Intermediate Networking  ONLINE
Explore networking technology including virtual private networks and Internet connectivity. Examine routing protocols and TCP/IP. Understand fundamentals of network security and encryption. Work with Domain Nam System concepts, components, resource records and resolution.

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