Future Students

Web Design and Graphics Courses

AACC offers a variety of noncredit Web design and graphics courses.

Web Design CEWD Certificate Program

CTC 328 - Photoshop: Web  Graphic Design

CTC 329 - Flash:  Web Graphic Design

CTT 397 - Dreamweaver:  Web Graphic Design

CTT 374 - Adobe Acrobat

CTC 352 - Concept to Layout:  Web Graphic Design

The following courses are offered throughout the year.  For upcoming course dates, times, locations and cost, click on the course numbers below or call Cyber and Technology Training at 410-777-1353.

Traditional/Face to Face Courses

CTC 323 - Adobe InDesign Level I

CTC 324 - Adobe InDesign Level II

CTT 338 - Adobe Photoshop Level I

CTT 339 - Adobe Photoshop Level II 

CTT 368 - Web Design - Level 1:HTML

CTR 347 - Create Compelling Website Content 

Online Web Design and Graphics Courses 

AACC offers online instructor-led courses designed to help you gain the high demand skills needed in today's workplace scheduled to meet the demands of busy individuals.  Our courses are available, anytime, anywhere from any internet connected device.  

Visit the ed2go website for course offerings in website design and development including Adobe Photoshop, Edge Animate, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Illustrator, WordPress, HTML 5 and Final Cut Pro.  Some examples of courses include:

  • OLT 346 - Responsive Web Design
  • OLN 381 - Creating Web Pages
  • OLA 312 - Advanced Web Pages
  • OLI 344 - Designing Effective Websites
  • OLA 370 - Write Effective Web Content
  • OLI 394 - Introduction to Creating WordPress Web Sites
  • OLA 327 - Creating WordPress Websites II
  • OLA 341 - Introduction to Dreamweaver CS6
  • OLA 348 - Intermediate Dreamweaver CS6
  • OLT 303 - Introduction to Flash CS6
  • OLA 364 - Intermediate Flash CS6
  • OLT 309 - Introduction to Illustrator CS6
  • OLA 351 - Introduction to InDesign CS6
  • OLA 369 - Inroduction to InDesign CC
  • OLA 358 - Introduction to CSS3 and HTML5
  • OLA 359 - Intermediate CSS3 and HTML5
  • OLA 352 - Advanced CSS3 and HTML5
  • OLN 369 - Introduction to Java Programming
  • OLA 344 - Introduction to JavaScript

Visit the LERN website for course offerings in Adobe Photoshop for Presentations and Graphic Design for Visual Presentations.

Students can also participate in online-LIVE courses meeting real time with other students and an instructor virtually, simulating a face to face environment, allowing students the flexibility of working on their own computer or mobile device anywhere with an internet connection. 

AACC offers a variety of online-LIVE courses in partnership with New Horizons Learning Centers including:

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Adobe Illustrator
  •  Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe PhotoShop
  • ONH-366 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

Please contact Cyber and Technology Training at 410-777-1353 to learn more about these courses.