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­­­­ Need HELP getting ready for your Algebra and Geometry Finals? We have the prep class for you. Customized to fit your specific needs. Call us at 410-777-2904 for information. Class starts May 26th for Geometry Prep and May 27th for Algebra Prep.

Kids in College countdown to SUMMER - 26 Days
Are you ready? Join us at AACC.
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Complete Summer Information

Don't miss our camps designed for the gifted and talented camper in elementary and Middle School. New this year camps in engineering and robotics. Check them out!

EXPLORE and Middle School Scholars

 Things You Need to Know
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­Questions? Please call us.
 Maggie ­ 410-777-2658
 Amanda  410-777-1182
 Lynda  410-777-2904
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After School and Weekend Classes

Winter, Spring and Fall Kids in College classes are held after school, evenings and weekends for one to three hours.

EXPLORE and Middle School Scholars
These classes are offered in partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools for students identified as gifted and talented.