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Truxal Library - Use the Internet Effectively

If your professor permits the use of Internet resources for your assignments you need to be careful!  Many websites contain reliable information, but since anyone can publish a website you need to keep a few things in mind to be sure the one you choose is appropriate! Use this page to help you properly use the internet for a college assignment.

  • See Checklist for Evaluating Internet Sites PDF 
    • Make certain your resources are accurate and reliable 
    • Make certain your resources are appropriate for academic research
  • Take advantage of Advanced Search options of search engines to construct your search
  • Learn techniques to help you search in the Help, Tips, or About sections of search engines
  • Modify your initial search criteria to obtain better and fewer results
  • Use more than one search engine - different search engines return different results
  • Contact a librarian for assistance
  • Remember
    • Not all information is freely available 
    • Some information is not accurate, reliable, or scholarly and should not be used for an academic assignment
    • Overwhelming numbers of results make it hard to choose which source to use
  • Learn More by Trying One of these Tutorials:

A Better Choice -- Use the Reliable Electronic Resources Provided by the Library  (These resources are mostly not available on the free, open web, but have been paid for by the College.)

  • Search for Electronic Books (eBooks) in the library catalog
    • Select Advanced Search 
    • Type your search term(s) into the appropriate box(es)
    • Select Book - Ebook format from the drop down box and then search
    • Check your results and click the link for the book that you want to read 
  • Find eBooks in the ¬≠databases
    • Select eBook from the "Databases Types" drop-down box 
    • Select one of the collections and search
  • Find ¬≠Articles available through the databases from sources such as
    • Scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers
    • Streaming audio
    • Streaming video

NOTE: You must have an AACC Library Card or Student ID to access the databases. If you are taking distance education courses (online or courses not held on the Arnold campus) you may apply for a Library Card online.

Be Sure to Cite Your Sources Correctly:

If you have questions or need assistance, call the reference desk at 410-777-2456 or send e-mail to You may also contact the Distance Learning Librarian at 410-777-2216 or e-mail

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