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Library Renovation FAQ


Q:  When did the renovation project start? What is involved?
A: The project started during spring break, March 21-27, 2011, when services on the 1st floor of the library moved to Annexes A and B. The contractor began work on the first floor and the exterior of the building on April 1, 2011. Library services on the 2nd and 3rd floors vacated the building in August 2011 and moved to a temporary building on the tennis courts, across Ring Road from Jenkins Gymnasium.

During the project, a 31,000 square foot addition to the library building will be constructed and the existing building will be fully renovated. New electrical, heating, cooling, and plumbing systems will be installed. The finished building will have a new elevator and more of many things that students want: computers, group study rooms, quiet study space, and work stations to facilitate collaborative learning, natural lighting, and more electrical outlets for plugging in laptop computers.

Q: Will the Library remain in operation during the project?
A:  Library services are now located in a temporary building located across Ring Road from Jenkins Gymnasium and the Student Services Building during construction.

Online library services will remain available 24/7 at   

All library materials, including books, and services offered by the library are available in the temporary building. 

Q: When will the new building open?
A: The new building is expected to be fully operational in time for the start of fall semester, 2012.

Q:  Where are services formerly on the first floor of the library located during construction? A: The Technology Learning Center (TLC), Math Lab, Reading Department, Supplemental Instruction program, Tutoring Office, and Student Achievement and Success (SASP) program are located in Annex A. The Writing Center and Honors Program are in Annex B. The Military and Veteran Resource Center is located in CRSC 107.  

Q: Did telephone numbers for the services and employees moving to temporary locations change?
A: No, telephone numbers are the same.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about the project?
A: E-mail your questions to Several individuals involved with the project monitor this mailbox and will respond quickly.

Q: Were any classrooms taken out of service in Annex A?
A: Yes. Nursing classes met in Annex A now meet in modular buildings located in Parking Lot E near the Florestano Building.

Q:  Were any classrooms taken out of service in Annex B?
A: No. The Honors Office and Writing Center have relocated to Annex B, but did not move into classroom space.


Q: Is the library renovation project affecting parking?
A: Yes, parking is affected in several ways. Reserved parking spaces along Ring Road in the vicinity of the library were removed. Handicapped parking behind the Pascal Center were relocated to Parking Lot A for the duration of the project. With the move of classes from Annex A to modular classroom buildings in the Parking Lot E, adjacent to the Florestano Building, West Campus parking lots can be fuller than usual. Parking Lot H on West Campus usually has spaces available. Those who visit the temporary library should part in Parking Lot D.


Q: Will the library provide instruction during the renovation period?
 Yes, the room for library instruction in the modular building is fully equipped for this purpose. Librarians will continue to provide instruction on site at GBTC, AMIL, HCAT, and other off-campus sites. Librarians can also provide library instruction in the classroom where the class normally meets, if technology is available, and will continue to participate in online classes.

Q: I hear the new Library will have a green roof. Will students be able to study in that area? A: The green roof will not be accessible to those studying in the building. Students will be able to study on the south side of the 3rd floor in the new building and view the green roof through the windows.

Q: Will the library sponsor exhibits during the time that it is in the modular building?
The library does not have a display case in the modular building. However, we do have a small exhibit case in the Careers Building, and will continue to stage exhibits there. The library’s display case in Careers is on the second floor, near the data centers and Room 206. 


Q: How will project updates and relocations be communicated to the College community?
 A Communications Committee has developed a number of ways to communicate project matters: Project managers will do presentations at constituency group meetings at key points in the project. 

  • A common logo has been developed and is used on project signs and all other project communications.
  • Wayfinder signs located along campus roads and walkways will be updated to reflect the temporary locations of services formerly in the library building.
  • Other signage will convey important information about the project on an “as needed basis.
  • A library renovation web site is available at and will be updated.
  • Questions about the project may be sent to and a project manager will respond.

Q: How will the library move?
A moving company specializing in relocating large libraries has been hired for the library’s move to the modular building. This firm will move the library back to the renovated building a year later.

Movers specializing in libraries use “bookshelves on wheels” to move library books and other items in the collection, without having to pack materials in boxes.  Books and other materials are placed on the “bookshelves on wheels” in the order they are arranged on the library’s shelves. The “bookshelves on wheels” are loaded onto moving vans and transported to the library’s temporary location. Movers then place the books on the shelves in the temporary building in the correct order. 

Q: What is LEED and how does it apply to the library renovation? 
LEED is the acronym for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. LEED is an independent third party Green Building Rating System developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).  It is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings. LEED offers several levels of certification including “certified, silver, gold, and platinum”. The College intends to apply for and obtain the “silver” level of certification for the new Library project.

For more information about the library renovation and expansion project, see or e-mail your questions about the project to   

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