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Library Renovation Schedule


March 19 – 27, 2011

Services on First Floor of Truxal Library move to Annexes A and B.


March 28, 2011

First Floor Services reopen in Annexes A and B.

Classes formerly meeting in Annex A begin meeting in temporary classrooms E01, E02, and E03 near Florestano Building.

April 2011

Construction of the addition and renovation of Truxal Library begins.


May 2011

Installation of modular building for temporary library, located on tennis courts, begins.

Late July 2011

Library services (2nd and 3rd floors) move to the modular building.


Fall semester 2011 through Summer School 2012

Library services available in modular building.


August 2012

Construction and renovation complete.


August 2012

Library and other services return to Truxal from the modular and Annexes A and B.