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Features of the New Library Building

  • Complete renovation of existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety systems, all built in 1967, resulting in a highly efficient building with reduced energy costs
  • Building addition of 31,260 gross square feet, a 42% increase
  • New bio-retention rain garden area to address storm water run-off
  • Goal of LEED Silver certification through US Green Building Council
  • Green roof on most of the addition
  • 161 additional computer stations, including collaborative work spaces
  • 21 group study rooms
  • Expanded study space and a variety of seating options, including tables, carrels, armchairs, and rocking chairs
  • 900 square foot informal collaboration and study area with a fireplace
  • More space for books and other items in the collection
  • Enclosed “silent study” space
  • Extensive use of glass to take advantage of natural light
  • Ceramic “fritting” sandwiched in the glass panels to reduce glare and heat gain from sunlight