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Mechatronics at AACC

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Our Mechatronics Technology program is based on the study of electrical, mechanical, and computer software and how those technologies work together in order to improve and produce a process and/or product. You will have the opportunity to train in a hands-on environment that will prepare you for a career in today's high-tech industrial fields.  

The Mechatronics Technology Program has SEVERAL PATHWAYS for student success:

CERTIFICATE PROGRAM: We have a 28-credit certificate program that students can complete in 3 or more semesters. This is ideal for those individuals that want to train quickly. For more information, please check out our Certificate Program page.

ASSOCIATE'S DEGREE: If you are looking for a degree program to complement your Mechatronics Technology Certificate, we have what you need. Visit our Degree Program page for details.

INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS: While enrolled in our certificate and/or degree program, our students have the opportunity to take two industry-related certifications. To learn more about the Solidworks and Siemens certifications, please visit our Certifications page.

EMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE: Our program faculty and staff actively develop and maintain contacts within industry. These connections serve several purposes. First, to seek employer input to best tailor our curriculum to emerging industry needs. And secondly, to foster employer relationships to encourage the hiring of our graduates. Visit our Employment page for a further description of our efforts.