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Mechatronics at AACC

Instructor and student working together on a mechatronics system.

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What is mechatronics? 
Mechatronics is a multi-disciplinary skill-set. What does that mean? It means a mechatronics technician will know a little about Mechanics, Electronics and software. They are a high-tech jack of all trades. If you look around at machines developed in the 21st century you might recognize that many of them encompass mechanical and electronic parts. In industry there is a demand for technicians that know both disciplines. Examples of mechatronics systems could be robotics, smart cars, renewable energy systems, advanced manufacturing & defense systems.  

Mechatronics at AACC? At AACC, we have both a certificate (30 credits) and an Associates degree in Mechatronics. We have recently won a $600,000 grant from the Dept of Labor and we have installed approximately $300,000 in specialized mechatronics training equipment. We have an awesome amount of training equipment – too much to list to be honest but we can give you a tour if you are interested. Both mechatronics instructors are certified to teach Siemens Mechatronics Level 1. Our program offers new classes in Robotics, Mechanical Systems, Pneumatics & Hydraulics, PLC's and Electric Motors.

Job Opportunities? Mechatronics Technicians are employed in almost every industry. The need for skilled technicians is expected to grow through 2018, especially as many experienced maintenance techs retire over the next decade. Individuals with certifications will have excellent job opportunities. The mechatronic team at AACC is starting to partner with local industry and we're hoping to have more connections to facilitate potential student pathways into a mechatronics job. 

Industry certification: The mechatronics team at AACC is partnering with local industry to facilitate potential student pathways into a mechatronics job. By taking AACC’s eight mechatronics classes you will be getting hands-on training as you prepare for the Siemens AG certification exam. Anne Arundel Community College is now an official Siemens Mechatronics Training School. We are one of 15 in the United States. More information can be found here.