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If you are a local engineering, manufacturing or technical company located in Anne Arundel county or nearby and are having difficulty in hiring motivated, experienced technicians - we want to help you. As instructors, we are able to identify talented students who are motivated to find work. We have a good track record of referring excellent students to local companies. If you are looking for a graduate that has experience in hands-on electronics troubleshooting, mechanical systems, Pneumatics, Robotics and PLC's - please contact us. We will not refer a student that we ourselves are not confident in. Any student we recommend will be motivated and have the experience. 

At AACC, we are an official Siemens AG  partner school. Mechatronics students have the opportunity to take the Siemens Level 1 Mechatronics Certification exam. This is an industry recognized certification which insures that a student will be up to a certain standard. View more information on the Siemens Certification. AACC mechatronics students have experience in both Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs. 

Its worth mentioning that our labs were recently updated, funded by over $600,000 in federal grants. This means that our students have experience on industrial-quality equipment, the same sensors, motors, PLCs and other equipment that you use in industry. Click on the "Equipment" link  for pictures of our labs and equipment. Beyond basic technical training we also teach our students many of the "soft-skills" needed to be successful in the workplace. Instruction in safety practices, accurate documentation procedures, organized work habits, written and verbal communication skills, teamwork and troubleshooting methods are an integral part of our program.

Interested in Hosting an Internship?

Having an intern at your business can be a great way to "test-drive" a potential full-time employee. Please contact us for more information about hosting an intern at your business.

Summary of Skills We Teach

Industrial safety fundamentals (Lockout / Tagout, personal protection equipment, etc.)
Use of hand tools (screwdrivers, files, hammers, saws, etc.)
Precision measurement (calipers, micrometers, etc.)
Basic electricity (single phase and three phase power, AC to DC conversion, etc.)
Relays and contactors
Ladder diagrams
Voltage, current and resistance relationships for AC and DC circuits
Electric motors (AC and DC) and solenoids
VFD control of AC motors
Stepper and servo motors
PLC programming
Industrial sensors (temperature, flow, capacitive, inductive, etc.)
Fundamentals of technical drafting & Solid-Modeling using Solidworks
Proper use of electronic measurement equipment (voltmeters, oscilloscopes, clamp-on ammeters, etc)
Basic Pneumatics and Hydraulics
6 Axis Industrial Robotics Systems ABB.