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Motorcycle Safety Alternate Basic Rider Course (ABRC)

Designed for individuals that have some riding experience, this seven-hour course provides another option way for individuals to earn a Class M license without having to take the full 17-hour basic course. All learning activities are conducted on the riding range located on the Arnold campus. Courses are taught by Motor Vehicle Administration and Motorcycle Safety Foundation certified instructors.

Seat Availability
Check current seat availability by clicking course DRV-501 - Motorcycle Safety and Licensure Review: Intermediate. Course capacity/available seats is listed in the last column.

Walk-In Registration

You must bring a copy of your driver's license or permit to walk in registration.
Students with out-of-state licenses will receive an MVA card but not a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the course.  

You may register for open courses in person at the CALT building (room 115), by fax (410-777-4325), or by mail (AACC Continuing Education, 101 College Pkwy., Arnold, Md. 21012).

Call 410-777-2325.

Course is $301 for in-county residents. 

To enroll in this course, you must:

  • Be able to use the clutch and throttle to get the motorcycle in motion, stop the motorcycle properly in a designated area, execute gradual and tight turns, shift gears smoothly and achieve a speed of at least 25 mph (Your ability to operate a motorcycle will be evaluated by instructors. Riders who cannot demonstrate minimum riding proficiency will not be allowed to continue and will need to consider enrolling in the Basic Rider Course. Riders who are not allowed to continue will not be eligible for a refund and will have to pay an additional fee to enroll in a Basic Rider Course).
  • Possess a valid driver’s license, a Class “M” (motorcycle) learner’s permit or be eligible for a learner’s permit (a motorcycle learner's permit is not required to participate).
  • Have your parents or guardians must sign a consent/release form if you are under the age of 18.
  • Wear protective clothing including a DOT certified helmet, eye protection, long sleeves, medium- or heavy-weight long pants, full-fingered gloves and over-the-ankle footwear during the riding portion. Students are encouraged to bring their own helmets, but loan helmets are available. All helmets must be DOT certified, and in good condition with labeling intact. You will not be allowed to participate without the appropriate protective gear. 
  • You must arrive within 10 minutes of the class start time and participate in all course sessions. Failure to do so will result in dismissal with no refunds.
  • You may elect to use a program training motorcycle or your own personal motorcycle as long as it is street legal, in good operating condition, passes a pre-ride check, and is transported to the training site legally.

To pass this course, riders must pass a knowledge and skill test administered at the end of the course. Riders who pass will receive a Maryland Motorcycle Safety Program Completion Card and are eligible to receive their Class M license at the MVA. There is no guarantee that an individual enrolling in this course will pass or get his or her license.

If failed, what next.....
Please call 410-777-7387 to schedule your re-test(s). Please note for the Range re-test there is a $42 in county charge.

For registration information, call 410-777-2325. 
For questions only regarding the program, call Megan Stakolosa at 410-777-7387 or