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150x150 variant of Sarah DiPietro.

The Maryland Promise Scholarship's Student Impact

Our Stories — It’s a thought on many high school students’ minds. They’ve watched older siblings, friends and cousins go to college only to graduate with a degree and thousands of dollars of debt. And for those in families falling in the awkward financial position of have too much income for many need-based grants, like the Pell Grant, but not enough to outright pay for college, they’re left looking to take loans. The Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship was created to fill that gap.

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150x150 of Wendy and her professor.

Sticking it Out

Our Stories — Standing in front of a classroom and giving an eight-minute speech while being critiqued is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone with a fear of public speaking. But looking back, Wendy Kush counts "Foundations of Oral Communication" one of the best courses she's taken.

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150x150 variant of Esther Kuhnert

Writing a New Future

Our Stories — Esther Kuhnert wanted to become a makeup artist and, after graduating high school, completed a five-week beauty school program. After working two years in her field as a freelance makeup artist, she realized she didn’t want to open a shop of her own. Uncertain about her future, Kuhnert turned to AACC.

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150x150 of Ramses Gerais

From Sarbanes to…Sarbanes?

Our Stories — When tasked with finding a service-learning volunteer opportunity as part of an AACC business course, Ramses Gerais chose a unique path: volunteering with the Sarbanes Center that was connecting his classmates with their dream gigs. His time with the Sarbanes Center made him realize how important investing in the community was to him and how his time there had equipped him for his next step.

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150x150 of Jason Burkholder.

Jason Burkholder and the Search for Quality Water

Our Stories — Many students take on summer jobs to help pay for school, but AACC alumnus Jason Burkholder doesn’t spend his summers serving fast food or working retail. He’s a lab technician for Operation Clearwater in the Environmental Center at Anne Arundel Community College.

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