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Three College Business Programs to Start Next Month in Glen Burnie

It is an employees’ market, which means you don’t need the experience you once did to be hired for in-demand business careers with big prospects for growth. And with AACC, there are numerous degrees and certificates offering a fast, clear path to a new career that uses your natural talent with newly gained skills.

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Five Health Careers to Get You in Scrubs ASAP

Demand for health care jobs is skyrocketing. Come to AACC, complete a brief program supported by a network of faculty and staff dedicated to your success, graduate and start earning immediately!

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Three Tech Career Certificates in High Demand

If you want to be working in tech by this time next year, it’s possible. If you want to start a career, switch a career or build your career, well, that's possible too, with Anne Arundel Community College.

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Baking a Change

Wingspan — Spring 2022 — Like swapping applesauce for eggs, sometimes life calls for a substitution. Nicole Luecke never planned on having a career in baking and pastry, but when her family needed a stay-at-home parent, she gave up her 30-year career as an obstetrician and gynecologist. She joined AACC’s culinary program to try something different and was surprised by how much she had to learn.

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What is a favorite AACC memory?

Wingspan — Spring 2022 — AACC is celebrating 60 years! Sure, we’re recognizing big milestones from when we were chartered in 1961 to now: buildings, presidents, championships, alumni in the news and national accomplishments. But we also wanted to share some of the quieter, impressive moments that make us who we are today.

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150x150 variant of Esports lab.

The Evolution of AACC Sports

Wingspan — Spring 2022 — When AACC’s Fighting Pioneers started hitting the court in the 1960s, the only athletics team for the school was men’s basketball and the court was the Severna Park High School gym. Much has changed since then.

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Mateo Escobosa

As a high school student, Mateo Escobosa applied to four-year schools like most of his classmates. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to study though and didn’t want to spend a ton of money to figure it out.

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Courtney Gregory

After her experience as a caregiver for her father, Courtney Gregory decided to return to school to pursue a degree in nursing.

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COVID Upheaval, the Maryland Promise and New Beginnings

In March 2020, Jasmine Pratt was enjoying her job as a project manager for a Maryland translation company, working with linguists from around the world. When COVID hit, she was laid off.

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Carlos Angelo Guino

Carlos Angelo Guino enrolled in the Early College Access Program (ECAP) so he could take college classes at a lower price while still in high school.

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Johnny sitting and smiling at the camera.

Johnny Garcia-Ventura

Johnny Garcia-Ventura took advantage of the opportunities at AACC.

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Devin Valko

By the time Devin Valko graduated from high school, he was halfway through completing an associate degree in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics at AACC.

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Teddy Strong

Our Stories — Teddy Strong credits AACC's HVAC apprenticeship program with increasing his confidence.

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Vinnie Hager

Our Stories — Vinnie Hager got his start at AACC and now his art is being featured across the country.

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Ric Conn

Our Stories — AACC grad, Ric Conn uses his art to advocate for gender equality.

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Jesse Tubb

Our Stories — Jesse Tubb uses the skills he learned in the Engagement Coaching program in both his professional and personal lives.

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Riverhawks Go on to Soar

Our Stories — Three students share their stories about how AACC gave them a start, helped them save money and prepared them to transfer to a four-year university to continue their education.

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Fatma Ebaid holding a certificate in front of the fountain at Glen Burnie Town Center.

My success in the ELL program

Our Stories — Learning to speak a new language in a new country can be daunting, but Fatma Ebaid stuck with it and is proud of her success.

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Where the Manikins* Talk Back

Our Stories — The three-story, 175,000-square-foot Health and Life Sciences Building at AACC can evoke a lot of feelings: excitement, awe, and for some, a little bit of dread.

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Rajan Thummar on campus with his hands in his pockets.

Rajan Thummar

Before I came to AACC, I was a shy kid with average grades. Now I am more confident and accomplished. I've had pretty much all A's.

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Image of Raffy outside.

Raffaella Picariello

When I arrived here, I had no idea where to start. I found amazing people at AACC, and I got help everywhere.

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Image of Lakeyia outside holding a stethoscope.

Lakeyia Parker

This is a second career for me. I needed a boost. It was probably the best decision I've made in my life.

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Abby Maloney

I learned I'm capable of so much more than I thought; I can really do anything as long as I put my mind to it.

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Ryan Kim

I met a welcoming and supportive community. I learned my purpose. Now, I'm more confident and more engaged.

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AACC Ambassadors Continue to Represent

Our Stories — The Ambassador Campus Team is a group of outstanding student leaders who represent AACC at various events and share their experiences with incoming students. While AACC has been operating remotely, they have stayed active, volunteering in virtual reading nights and craft events with local organizations, collecting donations for Baltimore Washington Medical Center Foundation, and helping other students navigate AACC’s website and the online student portal.

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Illustration of scholarship certificate in front of a Maryland map.

Students. Community. Together.

Wingspan – Fall 2020 – Students come to AACC with a drive to succeed. For many, that means balancing school work with one or more jobs while juggling family responsibilities. Even in the best of times this can be difficult, but COVID-19 added its own challenges.

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Mental Health at AACC: Meeting Students Where They Are

Wingspan – Fall 2020 – Despite the impact of coronavirus on in-person student services, AACC counseling didn’t skip a beat. They made a quick transition to provide online support.

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Author Robin DiAngelo to Speak at AACC

Wingspan — Fall 2020 — In the wake of nationwide protests around racial inequality, AACC recommitted to combat systemic racism through its strategic plan that places equity at the center. Throughout the summer, faculty and staff came together to listen, learn and educate one another. This will all culminate on Aug. 17 with a virtual presentation by "White Fragility" author, Robin DiAngelo.

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Internships in the Time of COVID

Wingspan – Fall 2020 – When web design major Tom Ostrye started his internship with Annapolis Home Brew in January, he thought he found the perfect way to hone his skills and gain academic credit at the same time. What he didn’t know was that he would help the small business during a global pandemic.

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AACC Donates Medical Supplies to Local Hospitals

Wingspan – Fall 2020 – Each March, Laboratory Manager Donna Earley and Clinical Lab Coordinator Melissa Vogel usually prepare AACC’s health sciences labs for a new term. This year, they entered the empty building to retrieve PPE intended to help current health workers instead of future ones.

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Printing a Solution for Health Care Heroes

Wingspan — Fall 2020 — When engineering transfer student Pat Geballa first used a 3D printer in Associate Professor Tim Callinan’s class, he had no idea his newfound interest would quickly become a much-needed skill.

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Without Campus, Can Students Still Feel Supported? Yes!

Wingspan – Fall 2020 – When we pivoted to 100% online in the face of COVID-19, AACC converted more than 1,250 classes from face-to-face to online. Student services transitioned as well. Those resources once found on campus remained available to protect students’ academic, financial, social, physical and mental well-being. From the library to student engagement to financial aid to advising, staff found ways to connect students to the same resources they have always had.

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Student talks with faculty via video conference.

Online? We Were Already There.

Wingspan – Fall 2020 – In January, AACC offered 524 online courses. In April, that number skyrocketed, as 1,250 additional face-to-face credit and noncredit courses were converted to remote in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, the college already had a few decades of remote learning knowledge to lean on.

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150x150 variant of Sarah DiPietro.

The Maryland Promise Scholarship's Student Impact

Our Stories — It’s a thought on many high school students’ minds. They’ve watched older siblings, friends and cousins go to college only to graduate with a degree and thousands of dollars of debt. And for those in families falling in the awkward financial position of have too much income for many need-based grants, like the Pell Grant, but not enough to outright pay for college, they’re left looking to take loans. The Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship was created to fill that gap.

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150x150 of Wendy and her professor.

Sticking it Out

Our Stories — Standing in front of a classroom and giving an eight-minute speech while being critiqued is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone with a fear of public speaking. But looking back, Wendy Kush counts "Foundations of Oral Communication" one of the best courses she's taken.

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150x150 variant of Esther Kuhnert

Writing a New Future

Our Stories — Esther Kuhnert wanted to become a makeup artist and, after graduating high school, completed a five-week beauty school program. After working two years in her field as a freelance makeup artist, she realized she didn’t want to open a shop of her own. Uncertain about her future, Kuhnert turned to AACC.

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150x150 of Ramses Gerais

From Sarbanes to…Sarbanes?

Our Stories — When tasked with finding a service-learning volunteer opportunity as part of an AACC business course, Ramses Gerais chose a unique path: volunteering with the Sarbanes Center that was connecting his classmates with their dream gigs. His time with the Sarbanes Center made him realize how important investing in the community was to him and how his time there had equipped him for his next step.

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150x150 of Jason Burkholder.

Jason Burkholder and the Search for Quality Water

Our Stories — Many students take on summer jobs to help pay for school, but AACC alumnus Jason Burkholder doesn’t spend his summers serving fast food or working retail. He’s a lab technician for Operation Clearwater in the Environmental Center at Anne Arundel Community College.

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150x150 of Swoop.

Meet the Road Hawks

Our Stories — Have you met Swoop, our beloved mascot, and his feathered fleet of Road Hawk student drivers? If you’re out bird watching, you might spot a Road Hawk in a neighborhood, shopping center parking lot or on an AACC campus.

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Navy midshipmen and AACC students in Russian course.

A Class of Their Own

Our Stories — Midshipman, Community College Students Learn Russian Together — AACC’s Morgan Hinrichsen took a Russian course last year just because she needed more credits to be full time. Though the beginning was less than auspicious, Hinrichsen discovered a fondness for the language – a fondness that landed her at the Naval Academy for four weeks.

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150x150 image of Trey Anderson

New Student-Athlete Success Coordinator Helps Students on and off the Field

Wingspan — Fall 2019 — Trey Anderson, AACC's new student athlete success coordinator, understands the challenges of handling the multiple commitments that come with being a student and an athlete. His experience as student and coach makes this new Riverhawk Athletics Department position a natural fit.

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150x150 image of Ian Wardenski

Sabbatical Achievements

Wingspan — Fall 2019 — Sabbaticals allow AACC faculty to further pursue their professional expertise and passions and revitalize their teaching with advanced skills and experiences. Afterward, they bring what they learned back to the classroom to the benefit of their students.

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Cyber Pilot Program Offers Big Benefits

Wingspan — Fall 2019 — One new student is a Coast Guard veteran, another is an event manager and yet another is re-entering the workforce after raising children. Now they’re all part of the first cohort for the Community College Cyber Pilot Program: Scholarship for Service at AACC.

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Helping Student Businesses Soar

Wingspan — Fall 2019 — Small business owner and AACC student Heidi Pena knew a lot about interior design, but she wasn’t sure how to bridge the gap between her passion and a viable business.

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Finding a True Calling: from Assigning the News to Making it

Wingspan — Fall 2019 — Tiffany Boykin, Ph.D., Esq., AACC's Chief Compliance & Fair Practices Officer/Title IX Coordinator, was on track to the job of her dreams. She was studying for a master’s degree, aiming to become on-air talent after three years on the assignment desk of a Baltimore television news station.

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150x150 of Nick with no words.

Becoming a Licensed Drone Pilot

Our Stories — Since starting his business three years ago while studying business at AACC, Nick Kiraly, owner and operator of Annapolis Ascents says he’s witnessing a major technological shift. “It's really an amazing time in the world right now with the rise of drones. I can't help but feel like we are writing history,” explains Kiraly.

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150x150 image of Olivia Edwards.

A Theme of Learning

Our Stories — Between classes, students could be on their phones, listening to music or doing homework alone, but in some classrooms, students chat and get to know each other and work together on assignments. The difference? Learning communities.

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150x150 of Matthew Barzal image.

Embracing Your Passions

Our Stories — Growing up with a family captivated by engineering and music, it’s not surprising Matthew Barzal embraced those interests as his own. So much so, that after spending the last two years studying Secondary Education with a focus in Spanish, he included Electrical Engineering in his list of majors at AACC.

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AACC Student Awarded Anna and John Dragun Memorial Scholarship

Our Stories — “The one question on my mind when preparing for college was how am I going to afford this?” wondered AACC alumnus, Chris Swift. Working full time and attending the college, Swift was thankful to be awarded the Anna and John Dragun Memorial Scholarship while at AACC.

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2018 Valedictorian Reflects on Time at AACC

Our Stories — Class of 2018 Valedictorian Olumide Fagboyegun didn’t plan on moving to Maryland from Nigeria at age 15, but to his surprise, it was one of the best decisions he ever made. After two years of high school in Maryland, Fagboyegun’s journey brought him to AACC where he excelled academically. “It would be an understatement to say that AACC has not had a profound impact on my outlook on life, on my ideology, and on both my professional and personal life,” said Fagboyegun.

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Dance company shoes

Dance Company's 30th Anniversary

Our Stories — Starting a career is never easy. Starting a career in dance may be even more difficult, but the AACC Dance Company has seen its alumni do just that. In celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary, many of these alumni will waltz back onto campus to perform in the Alumni Concert at 2 p.m. May 4.

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Teacher with small child.

Helping Moms and Dads Earn Another Title – College Graduate

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — Free, quality child care sounds too good to be true. But for qualified Anne Arundel Community College students, it’s part of an initiative to help students with the full-time role of mom or dad earn their degree.

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AACC past president, Dr. Smith, thumbnail

Former AACC President Honored as President Emeritus

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — Dr. Martha A. Smith, president of AACC from 1994 to 2012, was awarded the status of president emeritus by unanimous vote from the college’s board of trustees in November.

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Shanelle Jones in front of U.S. and other flags - thumbnail

Veteran's Student President

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — As AACC’s chapter president of Student Veterans of America, Shanelle Jones works to make sure student-veterans feel welcome, supported and encouraged from their first experiences at AACC. “It’s hard to go far without help,” she said. “‘Self-made doesn’t exist. You can’t thrive without a community.”

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Man dances on purple stage - thumbnail.

Happy Anniversaries to Us!

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — We're celebrating anniversaries for our Turkey Trot, Dance Company and our Department of Architecture and Interior Design.

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Mickey balloon with workshop attendees in the background - thumbnail.

Disney Visits AACC!

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — The most magical place on earth last year – at least temporarily – was AACC!

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150x150 of clauson center.

AACC Expanding Workforce Programs to Address Community Needs

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — AACC will construct the Clauson Center for Innovation and Skilled Trades to address the growing need for skilled workers in our community with a scheduled opening in 2021.

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Larry Cate and Dan Mathias in front of Absolute Fire Protection van - thumbnail.

AACC was the Spark to their Success

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — Larry Cate and Dan Mathias have shared many experiences since the days of grabbing a chili cheese dog between morning classes at Chesapeake High School and afternoon math class at AACC. But some of the biggest things they’ve shared have been the successes and failures along the way after starting Absolute Fire Protection 30 years ago while still seniors in college.

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Young, male student conducting phone interviews.

Center for the Study of Local Issues Survey and Results

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — “What is the most important problem facing Anne Arundel County?” AACC students working at the Center for the Study of Local Issues asked county residents this question during its semiannual survey last fall.

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Busts of two statues facing each other.

Provoking Artist Visits AACC

Wingspan — Spring 2019 — Last fall, AACC welcomed Ken Gonzales-Day as the visiting artist where he discussed his work and experience as an artist.

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John Rosso stands in front of the Annapolis harbor.

John Rosso: Relationships at the Foundation of Business

Our Stories — John Rosso started Rosso Commercial Real Estate Services in 2016, but his journey to that moment began years earlier at Anne Arundel Community College. A friend from the college set up the initial meeting that led to Rosso’s position with Murphy-Hogan Commercial Real Estate/The Hogan Companies, which launched his career in real estate.

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Cropped image of alumna Heather Howe standing in her bakery kitchen.

AACC Helps Student Fulfill Lifelong Dream

Our Stories — Heather Howe's love of baking heated up in AACC’s Baking and Pastry program. But even after earning two associate degrees — one in Hotel/Restaurant Management and another in Business Management — her appetite for learning wasn’t satisfied.

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Photograph of Matt Moore, photographer and chair of AACCs Visual Arts and Humanities department.

AACC Professor Wins Maryland State Arts Council Award

Wingspan — Fall 2018 — The Maryland State Arts Council recently awarded the 2018 Individual Artist Awards to Matt Moore, chair of AACC’s Visual Arts and Humanities department, along with 78 Maryland artists.

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Thumbnail of ECAP student sitting at a classroom desk.

ECAP: College During High School

Wingspan — Fall 2018 — Last year, high school student Sarah Noble found herself on staff at a college newspaper, mastering AP style, InDesign, and photojournalism. “I was worried they wouldn’t accept a 16-year-old in to the tightly knit newsroom. But after the first day was over I felt like I belonged,” said the 2018 Broadneck High School graduate.

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Illustration of student with a magnifying glass walking into a spotlight

Guiding Students Toward Success

Wingspan — Fall 2018 — AACC initiatives help students navigate a positive first year experience. AACC’s strategic plan, “Engagement Matters: Pathways to Completion,” included recommendations from 20 teams and the hard work of many people.

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Group of students and faculty in the Hatchery.


Wingspan — Fall 2018 — Students win big in Business Pitch Competition; Hatchery redesign embraces maker space. What do a drone footage company, bakery, a food coach and carpenter have in common? They’re a few of the nine local businesses whose entrepreneurs received seed funding from AACC's $100,000 Business Pitch Competition.

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Illustration of scholarship certificate in front of a Maryland map.

Nearly $1 Million in Private Scholarships Awarded

Wingspan — Fall 2018 — Need continues to grow despite state support. The AACC Foundation Inc. faces a new challenge with the advent of the Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship, which the Maryland General Assembly passed and Gov. Larry Hogan signed into law in the spring.

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AACC students receive their GED.

Non-Traditional Students Gain a Traditional Diploma

Our Stories — In October the most recent crop of AACC’s School of Continuing Education and Workforce Development students celebrated its 20th Maryland High School Diploma Student Recognition Ceremony. That night 49 people walked on to a stage and off toward a brighter future with a diploma in hand.

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AACC President Dr. Lindsay speaks at vigil.

Rise Above Hate Vigil Raises Spirits

Our Stories — As the sun set, the voices rose at AACC’s “Rise Above Hate” vigil. They rose with the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou and the reflections of various campus and community leaders at the Thursday, Sept. 7 event attended by around 100 students, staff, faculty and friends of the college.

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Two HCAT students work on their dishes for the Atlantic Cup.

Scottish Culinary Visit a Success

Our Stories — What do rhubarb, tomatoes and soft shell crabs have in common? Not much, but they all were ingredients in the second Atlantic Cup cook-off between Anne Arundel Community College and City of Glasgow College.

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2017 AACC Valedictorian, Steven Sala

Writing His Own Story (and Code)

Our Stories — You could say Stephen Sala had good reason to believe the Coast Guard would be his career. “My father, my grandfather and my grandfather’s father were all in the Coast Guard,” he said. “It was always my goal to do the same.”

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HCAT 153 Thumbnail 150x150

Natallia Okhrimenko: Commitment. Excellence. Community.

Our Stories — When she came to the United States from Ukraine five years ago, Natallia Okhrimenko thought that, along with a new address, she also would take the opportunity to start a new career. Her father worked his entire life in the restaurant business, often taking her on the job when she was a small girl. “I was always wondering what it looks like to work in hospitality,” she said. “When I came here, I decided to try.”

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William Knott Thumbnail 150x150

William Knott: Foundation. Quality. Advancement.

Our Stories — William Knott likes working with food. So much in fact, the Anne Arundel Community College Hotel, Culinary Arts, and Tourism Institute grad has made it not only his career, but also a hobby.

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HCAT Westin Thumbnail 150x150

Roots. Confidence. Value.

Our Stories — Alex Orellana’s love for cooking came from a childhood in his El Salvadorian grandmother’s kitchen. So for him, food has long been synonymous with family.

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Ricky Rice 150x150

Mentorship. Support. Growth.

Our Stories — As a military latchkey kid experimenting in the kitchen, Ricky Rice loved every step of the process. “I thought I’d be a food critic someday because I loved to eat so much, but I channeled that into cooking instead,” he said.

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Jason Barbour Thumbnail 150x150

How AACC Professor’s Passion For Science Has Made it Accessible – and Fun!

Our Stories — AACC physics and physical science professor Jason Barbour has hundreds, if not thousands of “students” who have never set foot in his classroom. Once or twice per year for the last six years, families and children fill the AACC Kauffman Theater for Science Night. Barbour and biology professor Greg Schrader don tie-dye lab coats and colorful hats as they perform some lively experiments with liquid nitrogen, a bed of nails, balloons and more.

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Kurt Peter Thumbnail 150x150

Team. Family. Professional.

Our Stories — When Kurt Peter attended Lynchburg College to play lacrosse and earn a sports management and business degree, he thought he was moving far from his high school summers in a country club kitchen. Turns out it was just a pause.

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Westin Team Thumbnail 150x150

Passion for Food and Family

Our Stories — If there’s one thing the Westin Annapolis Hotel chefs have in common, it’s a long-held passion for food — and AACC's Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism program.

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HCAT Baking Thumbnail 150x150

Culinary Program Ranks Top 20 on National List

Our Stories — AACC’s Hotel, Culinary Arts and Tourism Institute was named one of the 50 Best Culinary Schools in the U.S. by Best Choice Schools. At number 14 on the 2016 list, HCAT rose above numerous, more well-known culinary schools including Johnson & Wales University College of Culinary Arts.

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HEED Thumbnail 150x150

AACC Earns National Diversity Award for Second Year

Our Stories — Anne Arundel Community College recently received the Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award for the second year in a row. The 2016 award comes from INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, the oldest and largest diversity-focused publication in higher education.

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Carrie Svoboda, HCAT student

Music to Her Tastebuds

Our Stories — Five years ago, if you had told Carrie Svoboda she’d be making a fig and apple tarte Tatin with orange spiced ice cream and raspberry sauce for a three Michelin star chef in Scotland, she wouldn't have believed you. Learn how the former music teacher’s decision to finally pursue her first passion for baking transported her to a once-in-a-lifetime competition in Scotland after enrolling in AACC’s award-winning HCAT program.

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Sean Urbantke, Assistant Professor Performing Arts

How a childhood fascination with model trains led to the stage

Our Stories — As a kid, Sean Urbantke liked model trains and the model landscapes that were built for them. That translated to increased interest in the set designs created as backdrops for television shows and movies. Later, when looking for a way to incorporate that interest into a career, he discovered theatrical design.

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Science Day Thumbnail 150x150

AACC/AACPS Science Day 2016

Our Stories — Life lessons mix with science for students from Annapolis, Germantown and Georgetown East elementary schools at AACC Science Day.

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Busy making change and not slowing down.

Our Stories — Caitlyn Jenner's transition, immigration, police as friend or foe... they're just some of the tough, and possibly uncomfortable, conversations tackled at " Meeting of the Minds," a discussion group hosted by the AACC Social Justice Collaborative this past semester.

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Commencement Thumbnail 150x150

AACC Partnership with AACPS Helps Students Earn College Certificate

Our Stories — Thanks to a strong partnership with Anne Arundel County Public Schools, nine North County High students earned a certificate in transportation, logistics and cargo security from Anne Arundel Community College before walking across their own high school graduation stage. Armed with 18 college credits, the program’s first cohort joined a growing number of students aiming to save money on tuition while completing their degrees in less time.

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