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Noncredit Course Costs and Age Requirements

AACC's noncredit courses are open to anyone with or without a diploma or degree who is 16 years or older by the first day of class. Classes for younger than 16 years old are offered through Kids in College and Family Time Intergenerational courses. For intergenerational courses, all youths must register and be accompanied by a registered adult. Out-of-county residents are charged additional fees, and tuition for some courses may be waived for seniors. See below for details. Only enrolled students may attend class.

Course Costs for Non-County Residents
The price stated at the end of each course description is the total cost, including registration, tuition and supplies, lab or other fees, if any, for county residents. There is an additional charge of $10 per noncredit course for residents of other Maryland counties and $25 per course for out-of-state residents.

A business or agency located in Anne Arundel County which pays tuition for a non-resident employee/student, is not subject to the surcharge. Courses that do not follow these guidelines have costs indicated with course information.

Course Costs for Seniors
Maryland residents age 60 or older by the first day of class may have the tuition portion of the course cost waived for courses which do not have a dagger (†) next to the price and are not senior-only classes. For these tuition waived courses, seniors will be responsible for paying a $5 per course, course fee, any fees indicated in the course description and the out-of-county fee if applicable. Seniors residing out of state must pay the full course cost (including tuition, registration, course lab fee) plus the out-of-county and the out-of-state fees.

For all courses marked with a dagger (†) next to the course price, senior students must pay full course cost (including tuition, registration and course fee) plus out-of-county and out-of-state fees, if applicable.

For senior-only courses, seniors  age 60 or older may take an unlimited number of senior-only courses for a $80 per three-month cycle plus supply fees if listed and out-of-county and out-of-state fees if applicable. Students age 55-59 pay $40 tuition per course in addition to the $80 three-month cycle fee. For questions concerning the pricing for these courses, call 410-777-2325.

(Disabled retirees - see below information for Disability Tuition Waiver.)

Disability Tuition Waiver
Under Maryland law, disability tuition waivers can now be applied to certain qualified continuing education courses (those designed to lead to employment, including life skills). (Click here for a list of eligible courses.)

For tuition to be waived for a disabled retiree or a Maryland resident who is out of the workforce by reason of total and permanent disability, a completed Certification for Noncredit Tuition Waiver form must be on file with AACC's cashier's office. The form must be signed and certified by the Social Security Administration (or Railroad Retirement Board or former federal employer) and is valid for one year from the date signed. 

In addition, all students who qualify for the waiver must first complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).  The FAFSA can be completed online at

Notice of Nondiscrimination
AACC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, Title IX, ADA Title 504 compliant institution. Call disability support services, 410-777-2306 or Maryland Relay 711, 72 hours in advance, to request special accommodations. Requests for sign language interpreters, alternative format books or assistive technology require 30-days notice. For information on AACC's compliance and complaints concerning discrimination or harassment, contact Karen L. Cook, Esq., federal compliance officer, at 410-777-7370 or Maryland Relay 711.

Student ID
Register for noncredit courses using your AACC student ID or last four digits of your Social Security number to avoid duplicate records and mailings. Parents registering their children must use the child's student ID.